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How the Nintendo Switch SAVED Nintendo

After releasing the Wii U, Nintendo was in big financial trouble. They would need something truly special to help revitalize the company, and hopefully Nintendo Switch would be that answer.

After the incredible success of the Nintendo Wii, Nintendo seemed on top of the world. But, there were already issues, even before their new console. Lackluster 3rd party support meant their longterm success with the console was waning.

So, Nintendo launched the Wii U as a direct answer to that, trying to merge casual and hardcore gaming audiences, but it was a disastrous flop. So much so, that even despite the Nintendo 3DS being a success and earning the company money, overall, the company was losing massive amounts of money year over year due to their operating costs.

There's no telling where Nintendo would be today had they hit another big flop with the Nintendo Switch, but fortunately, it would bring life back to the company - and Dave Klein lays all of that out in how the Nintendo Switch Saved Nintendo.

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How It Saved

How It Saved

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How It Saved is a show about redemption stories. Host Dave Klein shows how specific games have pulled franchises back from the brink of failure, or reversed the fortunes of entire companies. It is a look behind-the-scenes that shows how creativity, busine