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I did not enjoy the Shangri-La parts in the last far cry at all. The combat mechanics were just awful. Finished the game without doing all the Shangri-La quests as a matter of fact. I did like the rest of the game. It was awesome.

This looks like one long Shangri-La quest from what I've seen so far. I think I'll be passing on this one. Might pick it up when it comes way way down in price.

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Should have just called it Primal in my opinion

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Come one peoplez, plz. Dis FC4 DLC lookin' all right. (2.)10/10

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They should have just named it Primal. It would have eliminated all if the whining down below.

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@ahpuck: Ya know. I hadnt thought about it, but you are absolutely right.

If they had let it be its own thing, Far Cry fans like myself wouldnt have had an instantly negative reaction.

It looks like they even forced in some Far Cry mechanics in order to appease those expecting certain things when the game is named "Far Cry".

As long as it doesnt delay or hurt the next real Far Cry game, most of us are fine with Primal. We just dont understand its existence in this form.

You made a good observation, though.

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Posted this on another article, but i guess its more relevant here. I played this last night at some special night organised by Almost Famous (burger place in Manchester, UK) and Game to promote it. I paid for it so I don't feel bad revealing how I felt as they got plenty of money from me. Damn fine burger, admittedly, but it was my experience to talk about. Anyway - It's basically just Far Cry. Depends on whether you like Far Cry enough for that to be a good thing. It didn't really feel different at all, it was identical. Outposts, instead of masks to find there was little spotted areas with bracelets, there was random events with people tied by their hands that needed freeing from 'bad guys'. Standard fare. It felt very similar to me.

It looked stunningly beautiful though, and I was only playing a pre-alpha version, which I could tell as it was glitchy, so I can imagine it'll be gorgeous finished. Lovely lush forests and great vistas everywhere. My hands on experience was hampered though, and probably not a true rep of the game as there was no missions to do in the demo. I'll get it as I do like Far Cry games in general, but i'll be honest, i did miss guns. I enjoy Far Cry games and their style, but I dunno how tedious hitting sumat with a club will get in this one. Couldn't help but feel that this is gonna depend hugely on the story being very interesting or not so a lack of missions meant it was hard to get a true feel. The lack of flying, wing suit and vehicles is a major bummer, no point pretending that those things aren't ridiculously fun, so the story will have to make up for it.

I didn't find the beast stuff particularly interesting either personally. Got boring after fifteen minutes. I never enjoyed the tiger bits in Shangri-La either in FC4. Pointing a tiger at sumat was impressive for about 20 seconds, and I worry that if that's the main gimmick that's cost all these fun things to be abandoned, then...well.....that's a huge shame. As I said though, i'm willing to give it the benefit of the doubt. Story and missions could be great when you get going and its worth as a game will largely depend on that in my opinion. It'll be technically solid, but there isn't huge innovations here, from what I saw. It was more of a case of creating ways around integrating older ideas. Also worth nothing that I only had a small boxed off area to play in too on the map and that was it. But yeah - my thoughts. We'll see.

ps - the map i think is a *tiny* bit smaller than FC4s. That's fine imo, as thats pretty big.

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Am I the only one who feels like this game ONLY has the Far Cry name to sell more...?

It doesn't seem to have more in common with Far Cry than any other first person game in the world

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So its a new kind of Far Cry by desperately trying to check all the Far Cry mechanics with "primal" means.

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I was looking forward to the next Far Cry game but this looks extremely terrible. ugh....

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Hardcore marketing going on.

Ubisoft is really hammering home on all fronts on how this isn't just some expansion pack but a full-fledged game.

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@ditronus: I can't even imagine how much was spent on the marketing alone, except to say it was a lot. And yeah, its definitely a game of its own from the footage i've seen so far.

I love the Far Cry series and I like what I am seeing with this one. Looking forward to March 1st :-)

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@openmind23: Obviously more on Marketing then the game. It was developed in 15 months! Seriously, 15 MONTHS.

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Thanks Lucy - I'm guessing not Hedwig as in the angry inch?