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How Mobility Is Evolving Doom Eternal

The Doom Slayer's new grappling hook and increased mobility with wall climbing and air dashing looks to be the next evolution in Doom's already amazing combat chess. We spoke with Marty and Hugo from id Software on how Doom Eternal's new mobility options are changing the game.

We got our first look at Doom Eternal in a gameplay trailer during QuakeCon 2018, and what we saw was just as fast-paced and bloody as 2016's Doom. But we noticed quite a few new mechanics and features too, such as an invasion PvP mode and never-before seen weapons and abilities.

One of the major takeaways from the gameplay trailer was movement. Doom Eternal adds plenty of new ways for players to navigate the environment, including dashing, free-running, and firing out a grappling hook. In the video above, Jean-Luc discusses the new mobility system in Doom Eternal and how it will impact the first-person shooter.

Despite the changes to Doom's formula in Doom Eternal, the gameplay has us feeling excited for what's to come. We can't wait to see more examples of how the game will make players feel like a powerful demon hunter.

Doom Eternal brings hell to Earth in a gory display of frantic demon eviscerations and bloody executions. If you want to know more about the game, we've compiled everything we know about Doom Eternal so far. We also put together a gallery of the 11 things you probably missed from Doom Eternal's QuakeCon gameplay trailer. An official release date hasn't been revealed yet, but Bethesda has announced Doom Eternal will be available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch sometime in 2019. It's still unknown whether the Switch version will launch with the others or release later.

If you're looking to catch up on Doom before its sequel comes out, you can nab it for free via Xbox Game Pass. In our Doom review, Peter Brown wrote, "...without a doubt, the loud and chaotic campaign is Doom's strongest component. It's straightforward and simple, but it serves its purpose: to thrust you into increasingly dire scenarios fueled by rage and the spirit of heavy metal. Many shooters chase the thrill Doom delivers, but few are as potent in their execution. It captures the essence of what made the classic Doom games touchstones of their day, and translates it to suit modern palates with impressively rendered hellscapes and a steady influx of tantalizing upgrades."

Doom is available on Xbox One, PS4, PC, and Switch.