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How Fargo’s Fake Treasure Created A Bizarre Urban Legend - True Fiction

The 1996 noir-comedy Fargo calls itself a true story, but, as you probably know, that’s a lie. But what if we told you that a woman from Japan believed it to be real, and traveled across the world on the hunt for a fictional treasure buried in the snow?

For years, that's what many thought Takako Konishi did. Deceived by the Coen brothers' assertion that the movie was based on real events, it was believed she set off to find the buried riches and met her sad demise on the journey. It's an outlandish story turned myth, and inspired the documentary This Is A True Story, as well as the film Kumiko, the Treasure Hunter.

The truth, however, is a sobering twist that turned Konishi's real-life struggle, into a fictional urban legend…

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True Fiction

True Fiction

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True Fiction is a show that blurs the line between fantasy and reality, exploring how real-life inspires pop culture.