House of Horrors - Condemned: Criminal Origins

This week Zorine and Dan find a whole lot of dead birds and deal with the violent and creepy world of Condemned. Will they make it out alive?!

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House of Horrors
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one of the best games ever. I love this game. Still really pissed Condemned 2 isnt on PC. This might be one of the best game ever made. I dont know what happened to monolith, but they went downhill after time warner took them over. I think it was time warner.

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Good to have Zorine back and have Dan join us!

Collecting dead birds huh, lovely. This game doesn't seem very scary at all. May I suggest turning up the in game background music (if there is any) because it wasn't very noticeable.

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I think I know what game I need to go dust off now

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welcome back zorine

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Welcome to the team, Dan! Nice sense of humor ^^

Condemned had its sweet moments, but I never did finish it xD I wish I could see Jess's reaction to this game xD Convenient time to get the flu xD Maybe some other time, when they make it to the mannequin level :D

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I don't know what I find more disturbing, Dan collecting dead rotting birds in Condemned or Johnny making Lara eat roof chocolate in Tomb Raider: Angel of Darkness.

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Dan seems like a funny man. Good work team HoH

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Dan was cool, welcome, man! Good job :)

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I played this game a few months ago for the first time. I think its still worth playing and holds up

very well.

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This was a fantastic game to play alone in the dark. Generally when you're sitting next to another person playing a game with the lights on with a camera pointed at you (knowing you're being watched) seems to me it would take the fright out of a horror game. Although I like the concept of House of Horrors, Dan being the new editor down under, might take this comment into consideration and change a few things (not a crack at J or Z mind you). Then again, comments and times viewed will solidify my good intentions. Either way good show overall.


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Still one of my favorite games of all time. The sequel screwed it up so bad it made me appreciate Prince of Persia: Warrior Within. How the hell can you take a chubby black lady, change her to a supermodel latina girl, and think nobody is going to notice? I liked Rosa better in C:CO. Seemed more like a real person than a videogame stereotype.