House of Horrors: Call of Cthulhu Highlights

This week, Jess and Zorine take on the role of monotone Jack Walters as they try (and sometimes fail) to escape bloodthirsty townspeople and commit the seemingly simple task of closing a door.

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House of Horrors
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This game is very close to my becos of the setting and the highly likeable main character (he even kinda looks like me, thanks for the compliment btw)

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This game is hardcore. This is only the easy part, it gets harder after.

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I still have this game on my original xbox!

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Hell im just glad to see some girls who like to playing games, my last girlfriend hated games, and would bitch the whole time while I played them, and especially bad if i had friends over playing. The shows supposed to be fun some of you guys need to chill out a bit B======0

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Well chicks generaly think of a million other stuff when doing something and never take it even a bit seriously,especialy playing video games,so i didn't expect anything better.

Couldn't watch for more than one and a half minutes, i felt the need to punch something. I mean, the previous videos were OK but in this one i think you went overboard. If you don't like a game just don't play it, there's no need to make fun of it....

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@GeorgeSyll It is pretty hard playing games as a girl - it's tricky to think about sneaking when I'm deciding what colour to paint my nails or what dress I'll wear the next day. /sarcasm

These videos are pretty well flagged in the title so if it's not your thing you should be able to avoid them. Conversely, if it's the highlights you don't enjoy you can watch us play the whole game on twitch.

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@GeorgeSyll I take gaming pretty seriously, but I'm sorry if this episode offended you. It certainly wasn't our intention.

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@GeorgeSyll People eliminate fear with jokes, its their way of handling it. :p

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Played this game, very intense. Was wondering if there is a full version of this video anywhere?

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urgh wrong aspect ratio...

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you're soooooooooooo hot, Jess...

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Terrible game.

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This show sucks ass, I agree. Too bad it is reviewed so childishly and not given a more sharp and polished approach.

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@celtic_flav Hello! Sorry you didn't enjoy it, however this is the highlights reel of a two hour stream - not a review.

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@celtic_flav Do you mean that you think this show is actually reviewing these games or do you mean that your review of this show is childish?

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@Saketume @celtic_flav he probably means that if you want to see girls laughing and talking go out, if you want to check out games try another show...easy...

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@crow1st @Saketume @celtic_flav Wow so many uptight people who have no idea how to enjoy a piece of entertainment.

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Yeah god forbid we watch something fun about videogames for the pure entertainment value.

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I enjoyed CoC back in the day. It was a survival horror masterpiece. It is supposed to be played in a 4:3 resolution, the stretched screen in the video looked horrendous.

BTW the two planed sequels "Call of Cthulhu: Beyond the Mountains of Madness" and "Call of Cthulhu: Destiny's End" were canceled because no publisher wanted to risk releasing a first person game that was not Elder Scrolls or a CoD clone and thus Headfirst Productions got bust, which is sad.

Oh, and this show sucks ass. Just saying.

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@SoreThumbsBill Yup. One of the lead devs (Lead Engineer I believe) finished PC version for free, because Bethesda didn't want to invest any more money. He did it, because he loves Lovecraftian lore so much. And PC gaming too I guess. ;)

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Try out The Cat Lady :D

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<3 this show, you're both so cute! I'd recommend checking out Amnesia and also Cryostasis.

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Great show as always.

And Jess, while playing dead space, music and sound effects at max volume. ;)

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Excuse me,but this gameplayis being immatureon purpose? Anyway, isa pity that thisgreat gamehas been that degraded,to the level ofsomeone writinghis own namewrong.

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Good stuff! I was about to suggest Dead Space- I guess as it's tomorrow where you are then you already knew that...

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FPS challenge for Zorine? Three words lasses: Clive Barker's Undying. The catacombs level almost made me piss my pants.

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Thanks Jess. :)

Call of Cthulhu is one of the best survival horror games I've ever played. Hotel escape level (especially 'close/open the door & get to the roof' part) is almost exactly like original short story "The Shadow over Innsmouth" by H.P. Lovecraft. Game is quite long and hard. It can be really scary if you're playing alone.

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If you haven't already, you girls should read some H.P.Lovecraft, that will really rock your socks off. I recommend "The Dreamquest of Unknown Kadath", it is the Alice in Wonderland of horror stories...and it has cats, the coolest cats ever.

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With Dead Space things are gonna get serious. Looking forward to it!

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ahhhhhhhhhhhh girls playing

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The Condemned games are worth a look (Origins, Bloodshot).

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" Call of Cthulu" or "Call of Cthulhu" (type missmatch ?)

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I almost spit out my coffee when they walked into that room around 8:11, that was hilarious.

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Please try playing a little slower next time if you play an adventure game. I know you have time limitations and all, but the way you play does no justice to this game. It was all you running around meaninglessly. Just let the game show what it's all about next time if it's an adventure game like this one. I still liked it, though.

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Silent Hill all series....Sleepless nights! :)

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Awesome game, but you kinda ruined the classic waking up moment.

I don't understand this show anyway. Why would people tune in to watch someone else playing video games? I was expecting a retro review or something.

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* Generic creepy comment about pretty smart girls and video games*

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Really like this show. Keep up the good work!

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One of the best horror games I've played!

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cry of fear the mod is scary like silent hill

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Sweet! I wake up this morning, and a video of one of my favorite games gets uploaded. It's a good day indeed.

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Girls the game is called Call of Cthulhu not Call of Cthulu! :P

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This is such an awesome show! Keep up the good work, ladies! :)
How about Amnesia? Or Alan Wake?)

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I think you two should definitely play Metro 2033. I wouldn't necessarily classify it as a survival horror game, but it certainly has its scary parts. Might be pushing it, but I think you could get away with it, and it would make for a great video. Godspeed!

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This is great fun but I have to ask how many cups of coffee you had when you cut this video together.

Is there a schedule for live watching of this show somewhere?

Edit: Ehm.. "cut together" lol. ah well. "He's clumb out the window"