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Horizon Zero Dawn Reportedly Getting A PS5 Remake | GameSpot News

The first Horizon game is potentially getting remade, along with the franchise gaining multiplayer, the PS5 has been jailbroken, and 2 million PSVR2 units are reportedly being made.

An Horizon Zero Dawn remake, the PS5 has been jailbroken, and Sony plans to make a bunch of PSVR2s. All this on today’s GameSpot News.

Horizon Zero Dawn could be getting a significant upgrade, as a new report claims that "accessibility features, graphics modes, and quality of life improvements to the gameplay itself," will bring Guerrilla Games' 2017 title up to the same similar standard as its 2022 sequel Horizon Forbidden West.

Several of these upgrades can be found in the PC version of Horizon Zero Dawn that was released in 2020, although that game mostly reused the same assets as the PS4 edition.

According to the report, Guerrilla Games is also currently working on a Horizon multiplayer game for PS5 and PC. Co-op features had been planned for Zero Dawn as far back as 2014 according to VGC's sources, but these elements were scrapped so that other areas of the game could be focused on. The idea hasn't been entirely scrapped for the mainline series and could make its way into Horizon 3.

Sony is also expanding the series into other forms of media, and with a Horizon TV show headed to Netflix, it wouldn't be too surprising to see some sort of announcement from the gaming side of the series. This could be a similar situation to The Last of Us Part 1 which arrived ahead of the HBO Max live-action series.

In some more PS5 news, it looks like someone has managed to crack the security on the system. The jailbreak was spotted by modder Lance McDonald--who modified Bloodborne to run at 60fps--and uploaded to Twitter, showcasing how the software can give a user access to the PS5's debug menu.

Additionally, a PS5 with the software installed can also have game backups installed on it, with McDonald's footage showing the delisted PT demo being loaded onto the system, although it wasn't playable on the system. The exploit does come with numerous limitations though, as its makers claim that it only works around 30% of the time and has multiple potential points of failure.

The exploit will only work on consoles with firmware version 4.03 from October 2021, and it is possible that PS5s with earlier firmware could run it according to the creator. The software in its current state won't be too useful to the ordinary gamer, as the creator of the exploit noted that hackers and people who are curious to see what's under the hood of the PS5 will find it worth installing.

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