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I guarantee almost every PS4 exclusive that gets shown this year will get no lower than an 8 to help Sony sell more consoles because people know once Scorpio is released selling PS4s won't be that easy anymore.

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@thomasn7: They mostly got 8+ across the board even before Scorpio, just because Sony's exclusives are mostly very good...

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@thomasn7: wait two years after you see some Scorpio optimized titles.

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@thomasn7: Are you actually looking at the games tho? They actually look good, so it's not surprising when they get high scores. Sony has always been good with exclusives. You care too much about consoles. Who cares? It's all about games. Why are you even talking about sales? lol

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@thomasn7: The hate is strong on this one. The PS4 and XB1 are great consoles and each have their own amazing exclusive IPs. Why not just enjoy the games and stop trolling.

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Excited to play this. The combat/stealth AND the progression system look a lot like Tomb Raider to me though, so hopefully they add lots of little touches that make H:ZD it's own.

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