Holiday Gift Guide - Five Games to Play Alone

Fear. Drama. Tension. All traits of a great single player adventure. Here are the best games for the solitary gamer on your list.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014
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The only 2 unique games that are worth playing:

1. Divinity original sin

2. Alien isolation

3. (dragon age - not in the list)

- Wolfenstein is not bad, but nothing special, simple shooter.

All others are boring repetitive and not so "special"

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Why no Dragon Age?!

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That was actually a pretty good list. Besides wolfenstein but that is probably because it is not my type of game.

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@Liliroots Try it, I'm sure you will like it.

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How different is the steam version of a story about my uncle? I played the free version and it almost felt like portal.

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So this guy is gamespot's Daemon Hatfield?

PS. Holy crap he almost sounds like him too.