Holiday Gift Guide - Five Games for Kids

Who doesn't love making a kids holiday dreams come true? Not you! Here are five games that will put a smile on children's faces this season.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2014
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Give them the gift of Nintendo, the gift that keeps on giving.

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"Sonic Boom was awesome. I want Sonic Boom." That felt way more like a Codec message from the Colonel at the end of MGS2 than it probably should have.

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A piece of advice: before buying a game for a nephew and/or niece ask their parents if Santa is planning to bring them whichever game you're planning to buy them, so as to avoid them receiving the same game twice.

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Although I am a grown man, I am often called immature by my peers ("Why are you reading comics, [NAME REDACTED]? Those are for kids.) I'm probably not a real adult because I play with action figures and read comics.

Because of these traits, I would like to suggest another game that I think is perfect for kids. Pokemon Alpha Sapphire. The original Ruby version was the first Pokemon that I ever played (when I was a kid), and it is one of my favorite games ever.

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"Sonic Boom is awesome." This is why you don't as young kids for opinions. Would have been nice if sonic boom was awesome.

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What an arbitrary stack of crap

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To save time, they are:

1) Mario Kart 8

2) Super Smash Bros.

3) Skylanders Trap Team

4) Disney Infinity 2.0

5) Lego Batman 3

This is really sad presentation by Gamespot...the whole article isn't written by one of your journalists...rather its an advertisement presented by Best Buy.

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@Suaron_x Actually, these were kids of ours (GameSpot Staff). Mine was the girl in pink who asks for both Mario Kart and Smash. So, no, no "script."

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@Suaron_x Your a life saver.