Holiday Gift Bag 2010: Microsoft

Want to know what to get the Xbox 360 gamer in your life this holiday season? Look no further.

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i'm following the gaming news and websites for almost 3 years. i've never seen anything than we can say: JUST. more specifically gamespot judgement are somehow subjective. I think this year they don,t like EA games. what do you think?

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all games are beautiful

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Halo Reach, COD Black Ops, and Assasin's Creed BH top any of the stupid gimics on the kinect

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@D3thN1gh7 Yes, I was originally disappointed with Fable 3 as well. It has a great story and the environments are bigger and most are gorgeous. But there were many technical issues and niggly things that they just didn't quite get right, and way too much dancing, tickling and patty-cake. The implementation and certain design issues got in the way of the game really taking off. However, when I played my 2nd play-through and focused on the main and side quests (no longer interacting with average people) the game got a whole lot more fun. Once again, Lionhead releases a game that had amazing potential and they shoot themselves in the foot. I am beginning to doubt that they are truly capable of delivering the awesome game they promise. In the end though, depending on how you play, it can be a lot of fun anyhow (in spite of the deficiencies).

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Just curious, why include games in this round-up that GameSpot gave a bad review?... like Sonic Free Riders or Harry Potter. Why wasn't NHL 11 included in the sports titles? Or any racers, like NFS: Hot Pursuit? And why not at least display the GameSpot review score in a top corner for each title so people would get a sense of what might be better (RB3 over GH:WOR, etc). This could have been more helpful to users and buyers of games. I give the video round-up a 6.5 out of 10.

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Gamers don't forget that this has just been released so please quit saying that you want hardcore titles. Hopefully eventually there will be but Kinect is in its Baby stages so if we can be patience they will come. And its not like there aren't enough awesome titles that are already out to keep us entertained.

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ooh that chick is cute.

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@spidmonkey cod black ops i think

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red dead redempton or call of duty black ops?

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@spidmonkey Fallout New Vegas definitely

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Santa give me some new xbox360 and kinect because im a good boy

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They forgot the greatest basketball game ever made folks: NBA2K11

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should i get medal of honor or fallout new vegas??????

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well, idk anymore kinect is ahead of its time and ps move's navigation commercial isnt motion so...... wii anyone?

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hey where is the race game need for speed hot pursuit??????

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That's interesting. The person who is playing the fitness game is holding a Wii remote ( 01.55 ). And I thought this was a Microsoft bag!!!

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This is a really good pack!

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Reach kicks total a**

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Kinect is drunkin party laughs and FUN.

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scan my butt

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I have played Call of duty black ops and the story line is kick ass finally the Ai can help you out.

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I really hope they make some shooters for the kinect. Like you can scan in your own guns or something. That would be SOOO awesome. (airsoft guns or paintball guns, etc). They'd probably have to add a second camera that would be off to the side of the player and track your trigger pulls, movement, etc. That's SUCH a cool idea. Getting into the world of VR with that.

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there is one problem .... if a gamer wants a game he would buy it not wait for a christmas gift.

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Skimmed over most of the video. Am Disappoint.

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Kinect's lack of hardcore games is a bit worrying for me.

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I will have to agree with some of the posters here though and say that Fable III was probably one of the biggest disappointments I've ever played. I was expecting it to at least be as good as Fable II, but Fable II was no where near as good as the first Fable. So seeing that Fable III was significantly worse then Fable II I almost wanted to sue Peter at the end of that game. :(

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I'm kind of surprised GameSpot put out a video like this. It is quite a disappointment to see such an over-abundance of Kinect. It is great though to see Halo Reach and Call of Duty Black Ops within their list though. Both those games are amazing. They also mentioned quite a number of other fantastic games too.

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Story-rich RPG? When has Fable ever been "story-rich" or much of an RPG? Mass Effect and Dragon Age are story-rich. Not Fable.

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Holy crap! half of this is Kinnect!

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I saw so keepers

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i've played kinect at a bud's house...make sure you have ALOT of room...not a practical investment for me

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Half this video is a Kinect promo, hurrhurr

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honestly im not so excited about the slate of games this holiday, or atleast those for 360. vanquish, sure but the other two i was pumped for, NV and AC:B now are meh. cant wait for early next year with DS2 and portal 2.

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Not a bad list of games. of course i already own and enjoy most of the ones mentioned in this gift guide. I'm still on the fence about kinect though until game genres that i enjoy come out.

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Interesting Mix of games this season..

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. . .