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Hitman's Graphics Take A Major Hit In Potato Mode

Joey and Jean-Luc take a fiber wire to the latest Hitman's graphic settings, turning the game's beautiful destinations into a big, lumpy mess.

Hitman is a game that offers immense freedom within its episodic sandbox levels; you're presented with a target to take out, and for the most part, you're free to use your environment to your advantage in any way you see fit to execute your mission. But what happens when we give Hitman the Potato Mode treatment? A mess, that's what.

In the video above, Joey and Jean-Luc take us to France and Italy, which have never looked worse. In Paris, Agent 47 must infiltrate a fashion show to take out a target. As we sink the graphics, things get considerably weirder as faces disappear, backgrounds turn to blobs, and objects morph into textureless white shapes. Be sure to check out the horrifying buffet, too. It's nothing compared to Agent 47's trip to Potato Mode Italy, which ends with a particularly comical death by a spaghetti can.

If you haven't already, you should really play Hitman in its intact form. In GameSpot's 2016 review of Hitman, Brett Todd called it a "brilliant game," praising its massive levels, huge replay value, scalable difficulty levels, and "nearly limitless possibilities for how to stage--and then pull off--assassinations." While the game took a while to get going (thanks to it being divided into six episodes and slowly being released over time), Brett gave this "globe-trotting delight" a 8/10. The game was repackaged earlier this year in the Hitman: Definitive Edition, which includes all of the episodes at once.

Now, Hitman 2 is on its way. It will release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on November 13, and pre-orders are already live. The game is a continuation of Agent 47's adventures from 2016's Hitman, taking him to the rainforest and a Miami motorsport track during a big race, but developer IO Interactive says this game will not be episodic like the previous entry.

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