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Hitman 3 Devs Break Down Dartmoor Mission

IO Interactive level designers Toke Krainert and Victor Rasmussen break down Hitman 3's incredible Dartmoor mission, including the development of the enthralling murder mystery storyline.

Hitman 3's 'A Death in the Family' mission is a Hitman level like no other, allowing the player the opportunity to take on the role of a master detective, collect clues and alibis, and solve a locked room murder mystery with multiple possible outcomes.

In the video above, Hitman 3 level designers Toke Krainert and Victor Rasmussen break down the development of the game's unforgettable Dartmoor mission and how they reworked familiar Hitman mechanics to allow players to catch a killer.

From initial conception to their favourite secrets, Toke and Victor detail the challenges and opportunities that come with crafting a compelling murder mystery narrative, as well as how the foreboding Thornbridge Manor was designed.