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They should really do a "new" history of Resudent Evil retrospective video, seeing as how this is now nearly a decade old. We've had 6 Resident Evil games released since this came out: Resident Evil 4,5,6, both the "Chronicles" games for the Wii, and Revelations on the 3DS, which itself is getting a makeover for the pc, PS3 and Xbox 360. Pheww! That's a lot of Resident Evil. I'm sure Capcom will do another reboot of the original like they did with the GameCube, or Resident Evil 2 (which we all want). I'd like a re-envisioning melding the stories of 1 and 2 together.

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i love these history lessons :P

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lets see what you're made of !

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KubilayHan you know nothing about resident evil! you are just stupid.. your IQ is to low to play these games.. obviously..

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<< LINK REMOVED >> true

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RE 4 and 5 is very bad and they are not even resident evil!!!!!

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<< LINK REMOVED >> dude those are two of the best games. GET A LIFE!

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why are there so many retards bi7ch1ng about how "bad" RE4 and RE5 were? haven't you had enough of that kind of gameplay already? how many more games with that kind of controls do you want? now that they've finally made controls a breeze, you want to go back to tank-like controls? what are you, idiots? I'm not saying that the previous games (before RE4) were bad, but enough of that already! Jesus Christ!

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@AzatiS f[]ck off, you idiot

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2:00 -- 2:25 Why didnt you think the same when you making RE4? Why didnt you say the same thing? Lamer

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I have Resident Evil 1-5, physical discs, for PC; I wish games like Code Veronica and RE 0, & the other 'spin-offs' would do a PC release. Perhaps in the future they'll do a huge RE Collector's Edition of all RE games/spin offs- for PC/console. Nothing I'd hold my breath for, as it's not likely, but it would be cool.

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They should remake the series, except keep it like the first one, keep the tension and horror, and get rid of all this new action crap! Make a different game series with the same gameplay though

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Perfect:RE 1,RE 2,RE 3,CV. Disgusting:RE 4,RE 5.

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Resident Evil has the best zombies and different creatures to deal with,

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Albert has some hair problems!

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Personally id love for the Resident evil 4+5 gameplay but with classic zombie enemies. It seems there's not really any zombie game that can deliver the sorta thing you'd get in the walking dead comic say. Just classic zombies, classic survival. Developers stay away from it because it may seem to easy or generic but no ones actually done it yet !!

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sorry jakep123, but Resident Evil 4 is by FAR the best in the seires, followed by 2, Re-make, 5 and then Code Veronica (X).

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My favorites are 2 and 4.

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1 and 2 are so much better than 4 and 5..The first games are actually scary even though the enemies are easier..i hate how the zombies are now shooting s**t, riding vehicles, and running..the new games have better gameplay but the new ones just dont have the scare and cinematic value that the first two had..

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i too would be so happy to know 1,2 and 3 are remade for ps3 and 360... i miss this kind of games so much...

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Played them all. Nemesis is the ultimate evil. Brilliant game. Wish they'd remaster the old games (1,2,3) in new graphics of 360 and PS3. This was back when the storyline made sense.

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I CANT BEAT CV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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RE:2 and CV are my two favs. Never played the first one, and hated the constant Nemesis confrontations in #3. Still, it was decent, just not as decent as #2, the champ!

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Awesome series!!! My favourites are RE3 and RE4 and least favourite RE2(yeah weird)

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Code Veronica SHOULD have been labeled Resident Evil 3, not Nemesis, even though I liked Nemesis. Code Veronica was really the proper follow up.

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Traveling through a post apocalyptic city with zombies infesting the dark underbelly streets and hallways of scyscrapers and rooftops. Yeah, remaking this in next gen graphics has alot of potential. Just make it possible for the gamers to enter broken gunshops to upgrade their guns and armor or try something new, exploration through the streets like GTA (But to be honest, I think it's a big risk by doing that). NIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIICE!!!!!!!!!

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i think capcom should go ahead and release 1.5, and let us the gamers judge if it is isn't resident evil, and as far as remaking 2 and 3? like i have heard from a ton of gamers, i see reason to remake 2 or 3, let them stand on their own as the games they are...

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I wish thay would re-make 2.3 & code V, for the next gen Damn I remeber the good old days of resy 1 I dident know anything about this game befor it came out, after i had been in the pub for a cupple of pints, i whent in the game shop, looking at the new titles, and spotted the capcom logo, so i bought it, got home i started playing the game and craped my self, when i tryed to go outside the mantion, I was addicted from that day.

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I think i saw remake in this video of Resident Evil 1. Is this true? And if yes, when is expected?

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RE 4&5 are deferent from RE 1&2&3&code veronica

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Interesting video.

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I loved this video thank u...

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Thanks for the history it was great to watch :)

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When I first played Resident Evil:directors Cut 8 years ago, the openning was so funny.

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I have finished Resident evil 5 On Sunday 7pm the 15/March/2009 a very great game. Thanks for the History of Resident evil.

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what a perfect history

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wow... this video gave me nostalgia

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The developer's struggle has paid off. It's a great series!

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Resident evil rocks

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resident evil = win. can't wait for RE5.

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I wanna download this video but I can't. Why can't we download this video?

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Perfect recap of the Resident Evil franchise. What a nice piece of work by Capcom. I absolutely love this game.

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Nice Video.

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thanks for the video gamespot