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History of Diablo

To celebrate the launch of Diablo 4, here’s a look back at the history of Diablo.

We’ve been slaying, looting, and clicking through Diablo’s procedurally generated dungeons for over 25 years. The original Diablo birthed the action-RPG genre, and it continued to hone that formula to become an absolutely giant franchise.

The 1994 pitch for Diablo is really interesting to go back and read today. The document presented a game that’s pretty similar to what we know of as Diablo now, from the beginning it was always built with replayability in mind, with an emphasis on exploration and experimenting with the game’s different classes. But there were key differences, namely that Diablo was originally planned to be a turn-based game with permadeath, and that it would be expanded by adding items and quests through expansion packs inspired by Magic the Gathering booster packs.

To celebrate the launch of the latest in the franchise, Diablo 4, Lucy takes a look back at the history of the franchise, from its highs and its auction house lows.