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stupid alertness video, what the the point anyway? i only look at the woman :P

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@djr1118 Yes it did use the Dpad. lol I so miss that game, though i dont miss killing the same mobs over and over again to get thier stupid spell. vera... I hate you...

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ye this looks like a pretty good game n i rather like games that atlus makes actually @ regix: did the first legaia not use the d-pad for battle command inputs?

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It reminds me a lot of Wild Arms. Either that or the very first Legaia title. The PSP needs more of these classic RPG's.

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i like it ..classic RPG

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Looks to be pretty cool. Have to watch this one closely

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I'm sold. I will be picking up this game for sure.

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It really looks sweet. Gonna get this.

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wow 2 story ....i love game when make 2 story like summon night

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Sting (the developer for this game) appears to have a pretty good track record, especially recently, so I would expect more than a decent game.

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Looks pretty cool. Wonder how the story will be.