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Nice, i was really wondering if companies would make a good WW2 flighting simulator where action is present. Good thing they made this ^_^

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Bikewer202@ it looks like a sim... a really cfs 3 sim tho.. hopefully not like cfs 3 in controls

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Geez, another arcade flight game....Just what the world needed. Still patiently waiting for the Maddox Battle of Britain (Storm of War) game to come out...Someday.

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this sucks

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germans.... it misses the germans.... PLAYABLE germans....

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looks okay

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IL-2 will come out on top in this dual.

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I bought my PS3 an year ago due to this game ... setember is just taking too long. Heroes over the Pacific was great, but Heroes over Europe really looks awesome. I just hope they will allow us to fly P-38's.

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Surprisingly good graphics.

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I did not play this first, however, I will play the second.

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I loved the first game, and thought it had one of the best selections of WW2 planes. I really hope they have just as many, if not more, planes. I hate it when they sacrifice flyable planes (or jets in some other games) for graphics.

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Very much like the choice of aircarft, even though the arcade gameplay has a been a bit done-to-death recently, but with "IL2: Birds of Prey" on it's way, there is some serious competition.