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This week we get Hatred, Massive Chalice, Heroes of the Storm, Wander, and The Escapists on PS4. Stay up to date with New Releases!

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Wander has me intrigued, as well as the Escapist and Massive Chalice. I'll definitely check those out.

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Cuddly bullets of happiness for everyone! Hatred just warms my heart. So many unicorns and rainbows. But seriously, there's something wrong with the Hatred devs. They need to be forced to play Kirby for a few weeks.

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Huuugs!!! :D

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So... Hatred gets all the controversy, yet Massive Chalice is a eugenics simulator, which I would say is more sinister.

"In the future, this is what all people would play when they want to remember what trees looked like" Well, that could never happen. If all the trees were gone, we'd all die from the build up of carbon dioxide and lack of oxygen.

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@DrunkenPunk800: I'm sorry, but how is Massive Chalice a eugenics simulator?

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@RedWave247: Never mind, just watched the video and how they described it. It makes sense from a gameplay perspective.

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@DrunkenPunk800: You left your sense of humor in bed today, it seems :P

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Sweet, this week we get a eugenics simulator and a mass murder simulator. Now lets sit back and watch the weak minded reenact what they learn from these "games" in real life. Disgusting.

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@BludshedX: The weak minded will be the victims of eugenics, not the perpetrators.

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@gamedelay@BludshedX: Hehe I agree, but I'm more of the mindset that only the weak will let themselves get to a point in their life where they feel a need to enact such atrocities, let alone derive satisfaction from simulating them.

Though I guess better it be in a simulator than real life.

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@7tizz: I've played all of the GTAs since part one was first released on the PSX. Hatred's whole objective is to walk around killing innocent people. Sure you can do that in GTA if you CHOOSE to, but then that just says something about YOU. To say they are both the same says something about you also.

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Awesome going to get hatred.Looks cool

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slim pickings

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Wander actually looks kind of interesting

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Her voice are so cute. I just love her.

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In Massive Chalice "You can troll a nation."

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Haha, oh man...that spin on Hatred was excellent. ;P

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I hope the Escapists and Wander are the free PS plus games. Either way the both look decent.

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Rubbish week.

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@dani_i89: not for psychopaths!

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If anything, I would probably try out Hatred just so I can have news media go crazy with "Uuurgh our youth! Think of teh Children!"

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I remember trees... *stares wistfully into the middle distance*

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yeah, that pesky trait, bloodpressure... wish it we could genetically erase it. bonerdeath

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Brilliant!! LOL!

I loved your Loving Spin of facetiousness that you put on the game Hatred. That was great. Mary Rocks!

"If they aren't fit for reproduction, you get drafted into combat."

Mary has no chance of being drafted. And neither do I, but I was in military already.

"You get to play as a tree and watch turtles go by."

That doesn't sound like a lot of fun. It sound like a moving meditation game where you relax and tranquility.

Great Show Saint. You're Great.

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Wait a minute...that's not a hugging simulator.

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@dr_josh: No...no.. none of that adds up at all!

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Nothing I want this week.......

Do need a new controller for PS3.....and wanna pick up a movie or 2.....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: Which movies are you thinking about picking up? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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@S0LIDUS311: I was thinking about grabbing the 2 Captain America films....

I already own Iron Man 1&2, Avengers and Guardians Of the Galaxy....I love the MCU films....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: please tell us more!