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Here's Diablo 3 Gameplay Running On Nintendo Switch

Diablo III: Eternal Collection releases on Nintendo Switch later this year with all of its post-launch content and exclusive Zelda-themed items. Check out the game running in handheld mode.

The long-rumored Nintendo Switch version of Diablo III was, at long last, confirmed just recently, and it's on the way to the platform sometime this fall. It doesn't mark the first console edition of the game--it's available on both PS4 and Xbox One--but it is the first Blizzard game on a Nintendo platform in nearly two decades. More importantly, it represents a way to play Diablo portably. So, just how does it hold up?

Quite well, as you can see in the gameplay video above. While it may lack some of the fidelity of the PC version, Diablo III: Eternal Collection runs quite smoothly on Switch. It includes the same adjustments that the PS4 and Xbox One versions use to make the game--which was originally designed for PC's keyboard-and-mouse control scheme--work on a TV screen using a controller. Of course, the Switch version can also be played portably, which is what you'll see above. It also features the ability to play offline (including local co-op between systems) with the ability to upload cloud saves to once you connect to the internet.

As the Eternal Collection name denotes, this is a complete edition of the game. You'll get the Reaper of Souls expansion along with the subsequent Rise of the Necromancer pack; between the two, you'll get five Acts and every class, including the Crusader and Necromancer. Adventure mode is unlocked right from the start, letting you skip the campaign (a particularly welcome feature for those coming from other platforms), and it also boasts some exclusive content. That comes in the form of Zelda-themed items, such as a transmog effect that lets you look like Ganondorf.

Diablo III does not yet have an exact release date on Switch, but Blizzard says it's slated for a Fall 2018 launch.