Have SimCity server woes and need help?

People everywhere are struggling to connect to SimCity, leaving their loving citizens stranded. Can you help them?

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brilliant video

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Am so thankful that my copy is in the mail and I haven't had to deal with the frustration of all the bugs. Yet.

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Im glad i never bought this , and to all the people who are saying " stop moaning and wait" let me ask you a question :

would you buy a Car with no brakes on the understanding that they may get put there in a few days ?

what about a monitor with no actual screen just all the circuits and frame on the understanding that they "may" ship the screen to you in a few days ??

what about a keyboard that is missing half the keys ???

I can't speak for the rest of the world but when i buy something it either works 100% or it goes back and i get a refund and go and buy something that really does work, why should games be any different ? and to be honest its all the people that dont let the companies know its not acceptable that are mostly to blame for sub-standard games being released time after time. if EVERYONE demanded their money back from broken games , games companies would think twice before doing it again after their stocks dropped the MD was fired and they nearly hit administration.

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sign the petition where many of us want to put an end to the always online DRM requirement..


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Nice spit bubble.. Mmmm!

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that train actually part of latest SimCity? I was under the impression other places around the net frieght trains were/are not included just yet... If indeed part of the sim eventually I may indeed look into purchase down the road once things calm down hopefully largest share of bugs worked out by then.. Not a fan of online all the time, would be nice at the very least have a game rollback feature on our PCs as a safety net should we loose connection, bugs, & or a change of plans while building a city without having to start from scratch again. Anyways I enjoyed this video brightened my snowy morning here in Vt.

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i have never wanted to hug seb more in my life lol

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Good job EA, you did more damage to this game than pirates could ever do.

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Always hated Origin. From my account being hacked by Russians (true story, go for passwords more than 8 chars regardless of complexity) to really lousy interfaces (BF3/MoH Origin->Web Browser->Game .. crash anyone??).

Now a new reason to hate Origin. Lack of capacity to handle always online connectivity and DRM.

Funny how they are always more than willing to give 15% discount for the NEXT game which I will apparently reluctantly buy. It's like admitting your mistakes, then trying to bribe someone to keep shut.

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L ... O ... L

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Thank you for this... it actually made me smile about it all.

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@queuing_for_PS4 How long was PSN down for last year? Back under your bridge with you.

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@dribblesbarbax @queuing_for_PS4 last year? you mean 3 and so what if psn was down just stopped us going online no big lose really

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@supa_stud My point is with SimCity there has been server problems and connection issues for a few days at launch. If this problem persists for as long as the PSN outage then he can slag off the PC industry as much as he likes. Plus the fact that the idiot uses 1 Publisher with this problem as his reasoning for PC gaming being "dead" just goes to show much how of a troll the plonker he is.

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Yet another BAFTA-worthy performance from Seb Ford.

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these server issies may actualy be a good thing... its getting rid of all the moaners ha ha

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SimCity barely just got released, and it has issues. Fair enough, we're all human afterall. Aslong as the issue gets sorted out quickly and I get a regular update on the sitiuation I am happy. I simply do not understand why everyone else swear never to purchase an EA product again, nor do I understand that everyone suddenly wants a refund, due to an issue that -will- be solved, quickly as well.

Try to be positive, show a little patience and stop whining. Nobody likes whiners. I like EA's marketing better than whiners. Nuff said.

Have a lovely evening though!

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@ShinobiMedic Why own a game you can't play? May as well get a refund and buy it again when and if it gets fixed

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@barrybarryk @ShinobiMedic Do you live on the street since you need to refund a game then buy it again even though it will likely have no issues in less than a week?

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@deathwish026 Bitching about a failed product doesn't make you look anywhere near as pathetic as defending it.

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this kinda thing always happens with drm games chill out... when 3 million players zerg rush the servers at once then its gonna cause some trouble... quit your complaining about selling the game cos u know u aint gonna do that and bitching about it on here just makes you look pathetic... all the other moaners take a look at this as its for you too.. quit moaning and be patient

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Yes because it's obviously because I need the money and not because I think no one should be paying for a game that doesn't work. Why it's still for sale is beyond me.

Server Issues might be fixed in a few days, but then again they might not. It's irrelevant, the only important thing is right now they have serious, serious problems which are more than likely intentional just for that extra bit buzz around the launch

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Has EA died and had itself buried in the Pet Cematery, is that it?

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Here's EA's customer service, courtesy of imgur. The chat is between EA's customer service and some guy.


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@berserker66666 It seems that EA's distain for customers bleeds throughout it's company.

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@berserker66666 Un-freaking-believable... I'll never ever buy an EA game again in my whole life

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@JFERNANDEZ84 @berserker66666 Yeah me neither!

Until Mirror's Edge 2 is released, of course.

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Unfortunately getting a refund out of Steam for a game is just as difficult. It's a problem with digital distribution all round really

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Haha, nice video. What a big waste, Simcrapy

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@Ronaldius Would SimShitty not be better?

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Always online single player game has a teriible launch, like that's never happened before.

Those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it!

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@GarGx1 ur talking bout the devs or idiots who actualy bought it?

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@queuing_for_PS4 LOL you cant even decently play a strategy game on a console

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@queuing_for_PS4 Nahh you just need to know where to look for life. Some gluttinous greedy bloated giants - and crappy business models/decisions might be on a fast track to the grave - but if this does come to pass it is a good thing. It makes the environment much more fit and beneficial for all.

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Dammit, premature post. Came up with a much better line for this after a bit more thought.


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Thisisabigthingright nowsoconfusedbywhat happensnext?

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HA HA this video would have been perfect if it ended with a pic of seb and then the message!

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Gamespot ridiculing its users, guess its fair though. EA spews out this poop and these stupid gamers proceed to buy. LOL!

Most anticipated game turns out to be a barely functioning mediocre minisimcity game...

Go gamespot!!!

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@tados99 what makes you think the core game is bad? werent the servers just getting overloaded because of demand or something? or are you trying to troll?

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@obsequies @tados99 He did not say anything about the core game, you just filled in the blanks how you wished to and then attacked something he may or may not have been saying.

And it is poop they spewed out - "it" being the sad state of affairs that this forced-online-connection-multiplayer-for-a-traditionally-single-player-game BS has created.

It is a barely functioning game currently, and the small city size which led to the "minisimcity" comment is a legitimate complaint as well. Mediocre could be used to describe any and al of the aforementioned. I would consider mediocre generous given the current state of affairs of this disaster of a release.

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nice vid man!

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Thiswas aRevolution?

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Now this is why I love Gamespot, I hope the 'review' is cut from the same cloth.

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Death EA and MAXSI

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Don't worry ,pirates will fix that for you....

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This is pathetic.

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