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real cool

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Halo 3 recon should be better though

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omg that is my fav trailer for all halo games that have ever existed along wit believe

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Halo is a good game and i how this game will be good, it looks good but they need to clean it up a little, but other then that it looks like a worthy game and i will at least rent it if not buy it first

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they needed master chief

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Don;t worry dude there will be an awesome story. All Halo games have had an awesome story, so theres no way this have a bad one!

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it looks alright but they need to have a better story line because from what i've seen there's not much plot wise making not worth the buy or rent, but don't let me discourage you I'm probably wrong.

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@ spartam 254 havent you heard of the linked info about bungies next game? they called it a gears of war like halo.

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wonder what it would be like if the guys from gears of war worked together with bungie to create another halo game. Anyone think "Gears Of Halo" or something nicer than my stupid name.

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i love halo! but i am begining to hate halo wars i hate halo wars

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those aliens won just bekos they are multi sexual! they make 100 babys in 1 year , we make just 1 :(... maximum 10 ... how do i know that ...kos they looks like infibius creatures :P ...!!!! good trailer

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How does it look like gears of war

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It's a pretty good video. I expect a lot from this game.

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The video may look like gears but the actual game is more like the command and conquer but its just this vid

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I disagree, but gears of war was a good game :P

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Impressive but it looks a bit like gears of war imo