Halo Wars Official Trailer 2

Don't miss out on the E3 2007 trailer for Halo Wars.

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why couldn't they make this for PC? it would be awesome!

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It looks more like a C&C game to me, I thought it would be like a Battlefield 2 or Star Wars: Battlefront type game, that would be way fun than this type of game play cause that's what Halo is all about not strategy.

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this game looks awesome and so does halo 3 recon and i cnt wait till they do halo 4 n dat with peter jackson

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bungie is makin halo 4 cant w8 4 this

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damn it why cant hey make halo 4 or if they r give us some updates

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It looks awesome....

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WHY CANT I WATCH IT OR DOWNLOAD IT? the game looks cool by the way ;)

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Looks cool i guess. a more 'cartoonish', almost cel-shaded feel i thought, then the Halo fps games. and it seemed like the trailer sort of cut out right at the end.

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Hmmm...looks a lot like the community mode that was being made for C&C Generals. Shame on you Microsoft for stealing ideas!