Halo Wars Official Movie 3

Check out this Halo Wars walk-through of some of the campaign mode, plus the unveiling of the Flood with Graeme Devine!

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That was a good game.

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this game is awsome

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you talk too much we dont need to know control the units when you learn how to anyway ! there is a tutorial on most RTS games

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it's a pity that this game is not out for pc. RTS are made for the keyboard-mouse interface. hopefully we will see it for pc in the future.

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The demo is very different it has better graphics superior animations and the difficulty is well balanced

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Looks sweet! But the guy talking is so F***king boring. The Cyro bomb looks sweet, we haven't seen it before.

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Pre-Order all the way!

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i can't wate fer demo ( feb 5 )

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They have done a good job at capturing the look of the halo universe. Looking forward to this one

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This game looks sick. I already preordered it

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i'm exicted about halo wars, but i am not so sure about how good the plot will be, will it be as good as halo3 or will it be better? maybe worse but hey lets worry about that later fc

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yea, this game looks cool, BUT IM @#$%ING PISSED ITS NOT OUT ON THE PC!!

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This game looks sweet! I HOPE YOU CAN DO SPACE BATTLES

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Um... Jimbob, I dont think you alone can decide if a game sucks or not. You are only one person, with your small insignificant opinion. I personally think the game looks great. And I plan on buying it.

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oh my god! this game is worse than that lord of the rings rts that bombed back in the day when 360 was king (before the PS3 launch) - makes me pleased to have swapped over to the mighty PS3 :)

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terran protos zerg :P

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Of course no brutes. They came later in the game. This game is before Halo 1. You didn't see any brutes in the first one did you? So why do you think you would see them in this one. Wich is before the first one? Right?

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no brutes?

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Scarcrow27, there were many many arbiters before the arbiter who we've used to know. Don't you remember, in Halo 2 one of the prophets says "you will die, as each arbiter has before you" ...or something like that. So, this arbiter is a whole different dude, who has died before the time of the Halo trilogy.

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was that guy in the movie wearing spartan armor or standard unsc armor

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ok 2 things the arbiter wasnt in it till the 2nd game unless u kill this 1 and hate to tell you gold horde unless you havnt realised were coming into a new age were rts games are on consoles also cdodo your crazy the graphics werent this good on endwar

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hey this is great>>>>>>

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haha the scarab went down pretty quick, unlike the one in the actual game. I guess it's only a demo but it didn't look that engrossing...

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It looks preety good but what are some of the features in the game. Can you zoom in and look at the battle more closely and can you upgrade your units.

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i would prefer if this game was on the PC than the xbox 360, i just cant see rts games being on a consol game, I guess from having past experiences with DOW, and AOE im used to playing with a keyboard and a mouse. Hey i guess they can do what ever they want. Im pretty sure that they'll make it good.

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holy crap... this game has graphics from 10 decades ago... the animation is so terrible...

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ya take a look at how the turret on the tank moves, same with the scarab, how it's legs move, a one time i couldn't wate but now i'm not so sure....seriously LBP is way better than this, this would be better if Bungie made it....

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halo wars union anybody?

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The animations don't look very good. Look at the way the turrets on the tanks move, they kind of just skip around, not smooth at all.

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this game looks good

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once i get my x-box i am so gettin this

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NICE. have an xbox but i would rather want this on PC!

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SIck im getting it...wish it was for PC i love RTS's on PC !

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Seems cool....lets just hope the game will come out some day...lol :P

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OMG the Flood is in the game! XD This game is going to be soooo awesome!

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Finally, a RTS where the grunts can call for fire! Oooraahhh!

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a well polished rts with the fun of halo 1st person characters, looks slick!

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I am making a Halo Wars Union and I need charter members. If you want to be one, reply.

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to mrhobo4 what he meant was that the game should have voice control that might be a knock off endwar but still cool

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Everyone talking about the flood... i haven't rerad the books but because Halo 1 was the first documented encounter of the flood. It might mean that all humans to have seen the flood were killed. Just sayin.

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Maybe the camera operates like in halo 3 theatre.. i know the Flagship gun is used via the D-pad, and the A button selects the units. Also RB is used to selct a bunch of units.

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FMV looks cool.

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CY4N1D3 625, I halfway agee. A PC verdion would be cool, but I don't think it looks like Endwar.

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looks cool, but having just 2 factions feels a little too limited...but then again, it is Halo, so i guess it makes sense. IT would have been cool to have the flood race with the little dudes being able to infect other units and stuff...or maybe even a forerunner race...hmm...just makes me think about a halo wars 2..

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to CY4N1D3: A knock off endwar? How is this anything like endwar. I have it and do not see any similarities besides the fact you control multiple units and has support

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they were working on this halo wars game for awhile and i only see that the cut scene movies are the best. have no idea wut took em so long

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I agree with Togra88 as well. Little choppy around the edges. How about voice commands? Maybe a knock off of End War, but it works. They should make a PC port of this.

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more garbage

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Cool !Nice fireworks by the way.

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I agree with Togra88. The game needs more polish around control and command of the units. I did like that special abilities are wired to the Y button, it greatly simplifies things. However, in the heat of battle, an auto-cast option with decent unit A.I. can be appreciated. In short, the A.I. needs more work.