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Halo Infinite Campaign Is More Open ... Looks Way Better Now | GameSpot News

In today’s episode of GameSpot News, Persia talks about the new Halo Infinite Campaign gameplay reveal, more details on Horizon Forbidden West combat and abilities, and the deep-rooted backstories of four operators from Call Of Duty: Vanguard.

New Halo Infinite campaign footage has been released and showcased Master Chief working with a new AI, the campaign’s wide-open level structure, and more. We also get a look at the RPG system for suit upgrades, new enemy types, and other story details to come. Halo Infinite's campaign and multiplayer are separate, standalone products that launch on December 8th.

In a blog post, lead systems designer David McMullen spoke about how the sequel gives Aloy a number of new options for how she can move through the world. Aloy will be able to climb freely on and across huge sections of rocky terrain and make use of new weapons such as the Resonator Blast and the Spike Thrower.

Sledgehammer Games' narrative lead Stephen Rhodes and senior narrative designer Robert Lo provided more details on some of Call of Duty: Vanguard's operators. Backstories were shared for campaign operators Arthur Kingsley and Polina Petrova, along with two new operators for multiplayer, Daniel Take Yatsu and Padmavati Balan.

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