Halo Holiday Gift Guide

Shopping for a fan of Halo 5: Guardians? Here are some great gift ideas to make your intrepid Spartan very happy this holiday season.

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Holiday Gift Guide 2015
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Buy them another game to play after they finish the short Halo 5 campaign .

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I want that scarf

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Nice Chris, let's see more of these holiday gift guide videos please.

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@gotrekfabian: You got it, bud!

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nice holiday list.

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Those Quantum batteries are awful. I bought a 30 pack of them and went through them in a month. They didnt even last in my TV remotes. My wife bought a pack of generic batteries and I haven't had to swap out my X1 controller batteries in almost 2 months.

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@MrFreehuggs: Yea, the quantums suck.

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Nice job Chris!

Last of the old guard, still holding it down.


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@rgrambo: You brought a smile to this wrinkly old face, my friend.