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@Lienhart @rjh_24 wow people are still on this article lol? and no i am not a part of that community thats a level of nerd i cant even reach

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Those were some really great looking sets of armor. That centerpiece Master Chief looked absolutely professional!

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Finally Cortana is out of our program as a virtual companion. Quick Grab her!!!

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From the quality and quantity of the outfits, I thought they were professional models hired by 343i. After watching the video, you can tell that it's probably not the case as there definitely is a difference in the quality of the outfits.

With that said, I think a number of these people spent a good amount of money on these costumes. Some of the helmets and one or two of the armors look professionally made. The standout for me was Cortana though. She didn't drop a ton of money. Latex body suit, painted blue with some stenciling, painted latex stockings, and high heels (so that it looks like she's floating!) It probably cost her $100 all in all, while some of these probably cost several thousand.

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Wouldn't mind one of those helmets to ride around in on my bike.

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Halo 2 was the last great Halo game....on PC :)

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Those costumes looked incredible, so much detail! And yes, Cortana was a nice touch!

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Really awesome !! Also the Cortana girl is so cute <3

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Thought they were going to break into the YMCA for a minute

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were did they get the costumes?!?!. They were AWESOME. If they made them, they are extremely talented

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@guydude3412 A lot of people make their own, but there are also a lot of people making them to order, especially helmets.

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Thats amazing, Very creative

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Those guys and gals look great.

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Jessica Nigri as Master Chest or gtfo.

Jessica Nigri as Cortana is also acceptable.

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they look miserable to be there poor nerds

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@rjh_24 The F%$ is wrong with you?

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@rjh_24 let me get this straight

You are on a video game website and trying to insult people who have fairly decent cosplays by calling them "poor nerds".

Did your mother drop you as a child?

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@Lienhart @rjh_24 theres a difference between playing video games and building a costume and dressing up because thats their life lol and i dont know i havent asked my mom that question

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@rjh_24 the irony in this is that you consider the difference a negative meaning yet you're part of the same community as those cosplayers. People like you have been robbing self-esteem in the video game community for years.

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@Lienhart @rjh_24 More like dropped him/her on more than one occasion.

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that is some seriously impressive cosplay. I'd pay good money for an ODST helmet.

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Nice. PS Gamespot stop this new switching to the next video the second the one your watching has ended. Its really annoying.

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@strigon04 Couldn't agree more. Please even if its some intern who deals with this upload. Mention it to your superior :O