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Happy Halloween week! We're getting Halo 5 Guardians, Divinity on Consoles, WWE 2K16, The Park, The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth, Albert & Otto and Bulb Boy.

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last years wwe game was so bad im waiting for reviews before even considering

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For anyone else who thinks this should be just a god damned list rather than a video:

Halo 5 - 27th

Divinity - 27th

WWE - 27th

Albert & Otto - 28th

Bulb Boy - 31th

The Binding of Isaac Afterbirth - 30th

The Park - 27th

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The wait for Divinity: Original Sin Enhanced Edition is finally over!

...Okay, it wasn't a very long wait. The Enhanced Edition was announced a bit less than half a year ago.

Still, though. I've been looking forward to it since then.

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@Renunciation: no your right it has been a long wait (one day is to long lol) havent even played the first and already cant wait to get my hands on the second one lol

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Looking forward to the Isaac DLC.

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No, Loraine's son just went back in time to 1955 then he's gonna go to 2015 then on a side trip to 1885.......lolz

but seriously the last game I buy this year is Fallout 4....nothing else matters.....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: Yeah halo then fallout, then I'm done for a while.

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: Halo5, BO3, Fallout 4?

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@freeryu: ugh, even if i had a X1 I'm all halo'd out, screw warmonger games so F BO3, Fallout 4 is all i need right now lol....

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@MJ12-Conspiracy: Same here. I thought Halo 4 was so incredibly boring. I'm talking about the single player experience, I've never played Halo multiplayer.

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@Zombie8814: i'm sorry but i loved 90% of halo games Halo 1 -4 not a multiplayer fan and waiting for x1 to bring their game library (exclusive games) up a little bit more so i can purchase the x1 and ten games at once. Halo 5 will be at the top of my list when i do get an x1

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@Zombie8814: Weird, I thought Halo 4 was the most story driven out of all of them, and I mainly hated the older games story (other than Reach) until I beat Halo 4. I learned to appreciate the past ones for what they were.

Personally, I thought the older Halo's barely had a story, but Halo 4 showed that it was about to change to something bigger, making Halo 4 my favorite, but that's just me, I understand a lot of people didn't like Halo because it was modernized... but no one seemed to care that Reach did it too... lol

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@LPDisturbedHU: I always thought Combat Evolved had the atmosphere all the other additions lacked in the series.

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@LPDisturbedHU: Personally I though Reach had the best story. Something always seems so hoaky and cliched about the one man army set up. It is why I am so interested In Halo 5 the story seems to fallow the same formula as reach. :D

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Hahaha Jess getting hysterical at the end.