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You guys! These games are put into categories of fear (IT'S IN THE TITLE!), obviously DOOM is not scary. Can't you guys read?

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dOOM FOR life!!

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None of these are scary at all. But you know what is? My Little Pony: Friendship Gardens for the PC. Now THAT is some scary stuff.

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dead space 1&2, doom, silent hill, singularity, bio shock, resident evill this game are not scary but once scary is why i didnt scare from this games? i dont know why!! this is scary, isnt it ?

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dead space is fail.. -.-' clive barkers undying, fear, silent hill, doom 3, the thing, penumbra, amnesia - the dark descent are scary games...

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Eternal Darkness was a pretty scary game. I don't think anybody remembers it.

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he said cook tulu instead of call of cthulu

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STALKER scary? What? NOT SCARY Doom 1 scary?... Your kidding right? RE5 HELL NO! HELLLLL NO! What the hell? Barley any of these games are scary. btw thats system shock 1 footage not 2

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doom scary? r u kidding me?

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resident evil has really changed over the years I love fear the only good games are dead space condemned 2 l4d resident evil and bio shock but how is bioshock classified as a scarey game

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F.E.A.R. is the most scary game

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S.T.A.L.K.E.R scary? What the f***? NOT SCARY.

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Bioshock wasnt scary it just kinda messed with your head...now games like doom 3 and dead space are scary

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Yippe....i just love horror games....dunno why but i feel that the creepy atmosphere is cool

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Played Doom 3.

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Yippe....i just love horror games....dunno why but i feel that the creepy atmosphere is cool.

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Shocker? Any one, if not I would say System Shock 2 and F.E.A.R. for creepyness. Dead Space, just gross, but good. Doom 3....uh ok like it, just its ok.

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pretty cool video. I hope they do a good one for 2010!

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that was fantastic thing i was saw it man wooh

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system shock 2 is extreme scary, bioshock is disturbing but not all scary. Resident evil 4 wasn't scary at all to be honest. LOL DOOM IS SCARY?! lol so fake. Left 4 dead was not scary.

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never heard of call of ctulu might check it out

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Wow, I've never heard someone mispronounce Cthulhu that badly.

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Dead space, enough said

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"Hannah Montana the video game" shoulda been on the list. Now that's some scary s*** right there

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Manhunt? Anybody? Ok

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Left 4 dead and Residen Evil 4 is scary?lolololololol

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what the hell is alone in the dark and doom 3 sucks but i like the resident evil, dead space and left 4 dead

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Tradesmith i agree l4d is one of the best games in the world and l4d2 but l4d is better

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the left 4 dead was dlc but wich type i dont have online so...

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awwww dead space it never gave me the chills it never scared me one bit.......well except the ending when the girl lunges at you and scream really loud god that gave me the creeps but everything else on the list was okay and left 4 dead is just plain awesome

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Say all you want but Fallout 3 was scary to me :P. Only when travelling underground in subways and stuffs, I hate that!

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Bioshock lol, you got to be kidding me grow up.

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Call Of Cthulhu is the most scary game I've ever played.

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2:44 , is probably the only creepy one in this video...

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wtf doom?

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what happened to res evil 3

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Guys, Condemned, dead space, and half of these are not scary. i never even got chills from them. they just dumb.

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sick video

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I'd have some parts of fallout 3 too. The ghouls we're pretty scary before you realised how easy they were to kill-deathclaws were pretty fear inducing as well.

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Sweet, quite a few I havn't played on that list, never played any of the resident evil games but I'd assume they'd play like Dead Space which didn't really scare me since I could see my Avatar (was kinda like I wasn't really there) BioShock isn't at all scary but certainly disturbing in parts. F.E.A.R. isn't scary per-say but can give you chills at certain moments. Condemned & Doom 3 I give props to for being the only game to ever actually make me jump.

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dead space isn't really scary, my 13 year old brother plays it :D

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no comments. The only thing there really scary is the flashlight beeing used as a weapon. Call of cthullu, condemned, dead space...those ones did all right on the past few years

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since they got System Shock 2 ... they should really put AVP and AVP2 in there as well... I think Eternal Darkness is the only game I haven't played...

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i swear to whatever.. Dead space and condemned are 2 games ill never see through couse they are too scary..

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i played RE2,4,5. dead space, condemned 2, Bioshock condemned is pretty hardcore but deadspace is very hardcore and scare the shxt out of me. RE4 and 5 is nth....

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Resident Evil 5 is the best

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Doom 3 scared me several times like no game did before. Maybe AvP 1 some time ago, but that is history. Doom 3 and FEAR rules at the feeling they give tot the player

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Resident Evil 4 and Doom 3 are the kickass titles, they both made you scramble for ammunition and everything you find is useful, even the crappal Pistols! Everything was scarce...maybe RE4 wasn't exactly as terrifying, but it made your mind spin..that is, if you though you still HAD a mind...

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All of these games are great. I wish there were more Survival Horror type games. I love playing them.