Guardians of Middle-Earth - Beregond & Felgrom Battle Profile

Here's a battle profile video for Guardians of Middle-Earth featuring Beregond, the twentieth Ruling Steward of Gondor Felgrom, a powerful and deranged goblin

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I hate it when people wine about no PC. Not all games can be for all systems.

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@SargeWW11 A game based on PC games not on PC lol

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Its a LOTR game and no on pc?Thats a letdown...

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$59.99 and more free champions over time? All the DotA/ MOBA games I know are F2P with microtransactions.

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for PS3 ? seriously?

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i need to see a dc comics game on the same gameplay patern!! please someone do that!!

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not bad

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LOTR FTW! Lets hope it turns out to be a fun and engaging game.