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GTFO - "The Admin" Map Gameplay (Full Mission)

In the opening mission of GTFO, you and up to 3 others must find information to survive. This team-based survival horror works best with stealth and planning. Sometimes however, the only way to progress is to fight swarms of enemies head-on. GTFO is now in early access on Steam.

In multiplayer shooters, when your health is running low and your ammo reserves are nearly spent, all you can count on are your teammates. GTFO leans into this sentiment to craft a hardcore cooperative shooter that's extremely difficult to tackle alone, and it's now out in early access if you and three friends want to try it.

We decided to try it ourselves, and you can watch our attempt in the video above. We like to think we did fairly well, but we'll let y'all be the judge of that. Just don't condemn us too harshly until you've tried the game yourself; GTFO is tough as nails and stresses the need for strong communication and tight coordination more than most games we've played.

In GTFO, you play as prisoners who are under the thumb of a mysterious warden. Seeing potential in your abilities, the warden pulls an Amanda Waller and recruits you into a special team tasked with descending into a seemingly never-ending mine filled to the brim with demonic monsters. If you die, it doesn't matter--there are hundreds of other prisoners that the warden can choose from.

Even when your objective is the same, each mission in GTFO can play out wildly differently if they take place on different levels and thus occur in different map layouts. Each mission begins with every team member selecting their primary and secondary weapons, custom tool, and melee weapon--and it's important to keep the squad balanced so you can account for different problems on the fly.

However, even the best laid plans will fall apart without good teamwork. Forgetting to memorize a code may mean you and your team have to once again wade back through enemy territory before opening a door, and firing your gun at a sleeping enemy before your team finishes clearing the three scouts in next room may inadvertently cause you to alert the entire horde. In GTFO, you either work together or you die together.