GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Multiplayer Video Preview

Brian Ekberg walks us through all the new features of GTAIV: The Ballad of Gay Tony Multiplayer mode from Today On the Spot.

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car bit was wicked!!!

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[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

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Well aaronfhff123 i dont worry about GTA V for now you know the global warming we need play everything today :) is a joke but is true i think in one video game where you can have a live and every new game come 1 or 2 years later not like sims or onlines games i talk about more realistic games real like Battlefield you can die for 1 only one shoot you can feel the time every xpression but other thing is online multiplayer mmmmmmmmmm can you make something better with GTA 4 or other games Nah i dont think so you can only kill other players but whats wrong if 100 players live in the same server for ever until they die or i dont know when but something like that ? we can change the world of GAMERS with our ideas well this is my idea :) but we can make better games..

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@Captperez Gta 4 could have been amazing if it had: More guns, chainsaw, katana, all the things gay tony and lad had put together plus all the amazing features of SA. Other than that GTA4 was still great. I just hope GTA 5 has everything SAN ANDREAS had. Also they shoudl give us an option to shoot without the camera going behind the would make massacres a hell of alot more easier and give the game that feeling of freedom the old GTA's had.

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When a new history on GTA come was great i have all the GTA I remember the first GTA my God... The better game i ever play in my life can be like SIMS but is much better you can work,kill,die,F*****, stolen you can do whatever you wanna do.. in 2 words Awesome Game.

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GTA IV = Amazing game. Shame not many people online however.

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biggun68 you cant jump out of planes in this except for one mission and you can't fly planes. Plus they took out all of the awsome multiplayer modes from gta4 and lost and damned and leave us with only 5 and they took out the auto 9mm and floorsweeper shotgun. Why not just combine all of the multiplayer modes and guns from gta4 lost and damned. This does not make any sense to me.. this could have been better. And where is all the greatness of san andreas gone? no upgrading weapons skills? no dual wielding? No tattoo shops or baber shops. C'MON ROCKSTAR! ATLEAST GIVE AS A CHAINSAW BACK AND GORE. rockstar are softening a bit

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gta iv was awesome but i didn't like when u clould jump out a plane or use nitrous in the cars... but i cant't wait for this!

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looks awsome, but why is it called GAY tony?

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1 word ninstigator Microsoft

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can someone please let me know this, i stil cant figure out why they treating the ps consumers this way. gta was pioneered on the ps over the years and now they turn around and spit on us, (its all good tho because i have a 360 as well but dam why do we have to pay to play online, we already paying the dam ISP's) *sigh*

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aww not on psn... free multiplayer

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looks great, cant wait to try the nitrous :)

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can u get nos in your cars???

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he did say psn...i was about to run

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Lol, This guys probably coppin it for muckin his review up

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Yea Brian, you F'ed up big dude. It's NOT on Playstation Network, like you said. You need to edit this.

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Did you just say that it's on the PSN? Get yer facts straight old man.