GTA Diaries - The Great Train Robbery

Danny is flying to America, so Seb and Cam plan a heist that sees them parachute to safety on the back of a moving train.

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GTA Diaries
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More, more from this awesomeness! :D

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Only lenght might be twice as long.....rly good stuff......!!!

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Cam, you need to do a Reality Check episode on what turns friendly, affable men into cold-hearted killers. I was taken aback by Seb in previous Diaries but you, Sir, were brutal - "Your money or your life... I'll take both!"

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"Do you have a baby?"

"Um, not in... this... car."

I have no idea why I was expecting you to say, "Not in this country" xD

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@Jah_Glow I could swear he said colour....

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hahah you guys did my idea from the deathcathalon!! YEAH!

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If this is how you guys pull off "heists", don't quit your day jobs.

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Can u three people come in the next episode?

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..oh its such a perfect day...I'm glad I spent it with you....oh STOP!!! ARGH GET THIS SONG OUT OF MY HEAAAD!!!

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Great show chaps, probably my favourite one at the moment. Keep up the good work!

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Seeing you actually land on the train was probably one of the most awesome things I've seen in Gamespot to date...I was 100% sure you were both going to land on your face...turned out I was only 50% wrong...

I want the 3 of you on the next episode.

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@Korvus85 I think eventually they should try to make a friend online.

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@Coren_Larken That bunch? They'd end up shooting him/her in the back as a greeting =P

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Not bad, but it all happened so fast :D

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an other poor episode

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Good one!

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I can't believe Seb is hitting Jess McDonell.

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@JBStone1981 Yes the women are hotter here in OZ.

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@JBStone1981 Why what did she do?

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Now that I think about it, they probably should have not used suicide as the way to force a respawn. Maybe just explain it like you call a chopper or something and it drops you off in a random place, with some fee of course.

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When are we going to see a bank robbery or an attack to a military base? 8-\

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LOL That was Insane, Only thing to do is a "Los 3 Amigos" Adventure...

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You should have Cam stay on and have Danny, Seb and Cam all play together, like friends. Throw Johnny in there too!

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@crazeon Never going to happen. Cam and Danny haven't spoken in about three years over an incident that happened at the Gamespot corporate retreat in Antigua.

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@JBStone1981 We don't discuss Antigua anymore...

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@JBStone1981 I literally LOLd at that

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Cam was just on an episode of the point which Danny did about Pokemon.

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Great stuff. Cam's rag-doll was awesome and I loved how Seb tried to land on the train with his face. And that poor guy who got in the chopper probably just wanted to be friends, and you turfed him out and left him to die. Splendid.

This game just keeps on giving.

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I'm not going to lie, I stood up and pumped my fist! Awesome show guys, keep it up.

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Great job guys. I like cam's idea of a race: kill the opposition before the start

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Another great episode!

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Another great episode!

"Do you have a baby?"

"Umm, not one in this color."

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During the Extralife stream I asked everyone who played GTA to parachute onto a moving train and no one listened!
Glad you did it, it was hilarious to watch :)

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Danny is the best ... it sucks without him

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Time has not been kind to the teletubby baby.

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@macacd I have no idea what you might be referring to ^_^

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@poormallard @macacd I see what you did there Sarah, and I love it. Teletubby O'Dwyer :P

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These guys know how to play a game, this was hilarious! Why don't you guys try playing all three of you next time (Danny, Seb and Cam)??

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@Estroncio So an English man, an Irish man and a Scots man walk into a server...

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@Estroncio Yeah like a "3 Musketeers" thing, or Like the 3 Protagonists of GTA V, if almost always in any good Film, or Series there are 3, why not 3 playing?

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Great video! @ReaddySebbyGo and Cameron are a great team! Too bad they play on Xbox :p If GTA Diaries is to become permanent, I hope that Cam becomes the new regular next to Seb :)

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Seb: Get in quick! I'm in the F***ing helicopter!!

My sides are hurting I'm laughing so hard, I love this show! Did a great job Cam! I say a trifecta is needed for GTA Diaries

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@Scorch_22 Totally support that, as in "3 is NOT a crowd" in this game

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Those stylized cartoonish heads of Danny and Seb are first class nightmare material.

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It's this kind of thing that makes GTAO fun, but GTAO puts its worst foot forward - the missions that pay are few and far between and lead to endless boring grinding for XP, $ and unlocks.

Yeah, you can just play this way, but you want to unlock stuff and earn while you are having fun, but GTAO makes you choose between having fun and earning stuff to have fun with. Kind of sad.

For example, when Simeon wants a specific vehicle, it should pay $50k and 10k XP so EVERYONE is going for it. As it is everyone is just grinding Criminal Records in parties of 2. Bleh.

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@plaintomato I always find it disappointing to go hunting for the specific vehicles, but end up recieving the same amount as for when selling a regular vehicle...

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Cam: "Treat that car as you would your own baby. Do you have one?"

Seb: "Not in this colour."


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Every time I see an episode of this I want to go right out and buy a copy of this game :-P Too bad that will entail buying a whole new console since my PS3 died :-( I need the PC version of this game!! lol cuz I'm getting awfully close to basically paying 300$ for it!!

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@bdiddytampa One of the only games actually worth $300

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