GTA Diaries - Business Update Funny Moments - Become the Wolf of Wall Street

The GTA Online Business update is out! Let's see how corrupt Cam and Seb become as they make their way to the top of the corporate ladder using their corporate jets.

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Hilarious! xD

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Cam, Seb and Danny - you guys are really great at what you do. But Seb is the only one without his own solo show. Seb was really great with Jane back in the day too.

Give Seb his own show! Come on people, who's with me?!

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@bicelis The Waiting Game is Seb's show now...

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I love wiping away the tears of joy.

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This, The Great Mods of Skyrim and Random Encounter are episodes that make my day!

Keep up the good work guys.

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Another great episode

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business bail = business fail

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Tweed Jacket, bow tie... and not a single comment about how cool he looks. I'm a little disappointed to be honest, haha.

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The costumes that the guys chose were awesome.

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4.55 LOL