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Great video... very well done. Now Rock * where is the hell is SP DLC since I don't ever like playing MP.

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I want more of his videos. I mena finally a reason to look up this place other than news.

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Badass Rob...

If there was a way to create a vote, and then vote, or like... I'd be voting the creation of a new video series, "Rob's Madness", or "Adventures with Rob" .... your vids are always good for a laugh.

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This is an entertaining video, like it!

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I would love to have a sweet-looking revolver in GTA V, with scope and barrel-extensions as modificaations.

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Your GTA videos are always entertaining Rob, thank you!

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Rob, that was amazing. You, Mary, and Danny are why I love GameSpot.

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@GBl4wd0g: Also Vanord ;)

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Screw this patch and Rockstar

Script Hook doesn't even work anymore

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Just logged into online after a month of break and to my surprise there was an admin in the server messing around doing silly things, in the end he showered my character with money before finally leaving, 600k to be exact.

Guess he felt pitty on me for inflicting all the miseries to my character haha :D

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@serialkisser: Are admins allowed to do that? :) Maybe it wasn't an admin? I only played GTA Online for a bit when it first came out on last gen and I remember people saying there were some hackers that would give people large amounts of money.

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@hystavito: Why wouldn't he? I mean if he really was an admin then he could do whatever the hell he want. Admin probably means part of game dev team and giving away 600K in-game currency i hardly believe he has done something big to impact the game negatively.

Although as you said it's also possible that he was a hacker, but i doubt he would have access to server wide commands that were happening all over. Like my characters double appearing in front of me and dancing, cars exploding all around, time speeding up so extremely fast car driving etc.

Whomever he was, it was pretty funny and good times. Probably more fun i had then all the time spent in GTA Online so far to get my character to LvL 60.

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@serialkisser: thats a hacker not an admin....lol

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@Leeric420: one hell of a hack then to allow him such level of server control.

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@serialkisser: Ya it is, its a real problem, they can spawn camp fires and kill you in passive mode as well.