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GTA 5 Heists With A Gamer Grandma And DJ Shaq | Good News Gaming

This week on Good News Gaming, we celebrate the most wholesome Twitch streamer you'll ever see, a gaming grandma we want to go on heists with, and DJ Shaq spins the decks.

This week on Good News Gaming, we celebrate the most wholesome streamer around, brohx_, who'll warm your heart with his reaction to being gifted some subs on Twitch.

We also talk about Gamer Grandma, Hamako Mori, who runs her own YouTube channel and is preaching the benefits of gaming to the older generation. Not only that, but we ponder which video games we should hold meetings in so we can finally all uninstall Zoom and make work more fun.

We talk about Tony Hawk, again, even though it's not really about gaming this time. This time he's just being an exceptionally wholesome lad and making a fan's dreams come true. For more wholesome and funny things from the world of gaming, make sure to watch Good News Gaming every Friday here on GameSpot. If you have a story you think should be featured, leave it in the comments below and it could end up in a future video.

In this video:

Scoob in GTA Online:

Wholesome streamer:

Red Dead Redemption meetings:

Gamer Grandma:

DJ Shaq:

Dark Souls no look:

Original Tony Hawk appeal:

Tony Hawk response:

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