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PC Support coming to the Xbox One controller, Rockstar North launches travel site for GTA 5, and Witcher 3 is counting down to... something?

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Grand Theft Auto Online, is a Cool idea and they will definitely set the Trend !!


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@pcgamesgames very subtle plug :)

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I miss Jane. :(

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@brain56 Do you?

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Please... I'm desperate... is there a way to stop these commercials before EVERY FREAKIN' GAMESPOT VIDEO?!

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@SrebX Addblock, but Its better not to block them, because adds is how gamespot makes its money.

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Who the hell are you? Where's our beautiful Jess?

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I play my bass guitar when I watch GS News.

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I hope the controller doesn't scan my files and send them to Microsoft.

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@DisturbedFan789 Don't worry about that, it will scan your entire average life. Anyways windows is doing that to the files already XD

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here you go have a controller, but no FORZA 5, Halo 3, 4 , red dead redemption, Madden, MLB, The Last Of Us, Gears of War 2 and 3 or WWE2K or Metal Gear. :<:<:<: Now that would be news!!!

PC has all the rest of the console games pretty much, its only those above ^, I would care about. Uncharted 1,2 and 3, maybe..MAYBE, but not necessary. Killzone don't care about either. Actually most of the other Console exclusives I don't care about.

P.s Don't listen to the haters Shaun (Some of these people just have a crush on Jess) You are liked by many.

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Playstation 4 controller for PC would be awesome! And I have no idea why Sony don't do it. Me and all my friends prefer Sony controller over Xbox 360 one, but the Xbox 360 one is best solution for PC.

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@snaketus Xbox 360 best solution for PC? I'll take my Logitech F710 over the Xbox 360 controller any day. In fact I already did since I used to own an Xbox 360 controller. The Xbox 360 controller only supports XInput while the Logitech F710 supports XInput, Direct Input and also lets you map any keyboard keys to the gamepad.

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@snaketus you can always use the same prototype the Logitech 510 or 310 or 710. I have the Logitech 310 practically the same thing as the Ps controller, they'll bring out a new one soon to, that will be an exact replica of the PS4 controller, they always do.

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@nyran125tk Yes, but PS controller still has better D-pad and I mean official support so the on screen command prompts and guides would actually show cross, triangle, circle etc. I can get my PS3 controllers work on PC sure, but official support for it.

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@snaketus yeah but $ONY hates PC. Unless its a Duck Tales remake or Final Fantasy 7.

M$ is in Bed with PC. Like they sleep together.

Id Prefer the Last Of Us and Metal gear 3 ,4 and 5 :(

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@snaketus I think because windows ops is for microsoft and that is so obvious !?! But in the other hand I saw in some game nets using Playstation controller and I play with them too ! :D

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Same hand-gestures... (sigh)

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where is my jess?

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What's with that random... very weird.. guy singing over mario kart video in the background.. Totally threw me off

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I wonder how much still needs to be done on that controller driver, weren't the xbox one games demonstrated mostly on target pc hardware?

I HATE COUNTDOWNS!!! Too much teasing, too little info. I'll pretend it doesn't exist

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Ur not Jess... ):

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@chefstef242 yes, you do not need that lasek.

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Where is Jess!!!??? He better not be taking over her job!

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@raikiry She's preparing a PS4 article...

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@Hiddai @raikiry They should give her a free PS4 to help with the article.

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@raikiry Shaun just fills in whenever the AU crew can't do the news. Jess still lives.

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Ah, and don't forget to scroll down and click on the sponsor link if you visit the GTA travel page.

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@evildead6789 People who sumbit offensive posts should be banned or atleast given a warning, you scum don't deserve a right to comment.

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@Gamer3344 @evildead6789 all you can do is flag it and hope it goes away... and voila.

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Wooo now... wheres Jess... i was looking forward to seeing... what top she had on *ahem*... But Shaun you are pretty good at what you do:P

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What the **** is with their pronunciation of Geralt ?

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Dude,i was joking,the more witcher avatars the better.

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rainbow road...its where you go....when you die

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@Metal_Gear_LR I'll see you again Uncle....

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Shaun is such a great presenter, professionalism all the way with this guy. For me it certainly doesn’t go unnoticed or unappreciated. Always a pleasure watching content you produce man.

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good to see Shaun back, I hope its for good

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Does anyone else here play platfromers on a keyboard instead of the X360 pad ?

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@faizanhd platformers on pc a horrible without controllers.

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Witcher countdown removed due to leak. CGI trailer up.

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Good if they also release the egg white coloured xbox one controller like they did for xbox 360

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And the countdown is over sooner than expected thanks to the bright minds at Microsoft.......

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Yuck, using a controller on PC

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@lilmcnessy I agree mostly for almost all games, especially FPS and 3rd person games , however did you try playing Resident Evil4 with a mouse? good luck with that.. Also Motorbike games, racing games (generally use a steering wheel, but sometimes cant be bothered getting it out). platformers, Console emulators. Plenty of reasons to have a controller on PC.

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@lilmcnessy in some ways i agree but common racing games on a keyboard are you nuts?

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@hairdie @lilmcnessy steering wheel

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Burnout Paradise , NFS Most Wanted and Carbon, GTA ....................... played them all with a keyboard. Many pro gamers in asia use keyboards on racing games.