GS News - Wii U price cut, 2DS announced and PS4 has POWER

Nintendo have introduced their interesting looking $130 2DS, the Wii U will get a price cut down to $300 and lead architect says PS4 will take 3-4 years to exhibit its true power.

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2DS = Too Dumb Shit!

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Is anyone else only here to appreciate Jess's beauty? =P

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@KillaShinobi ....creeper

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@CPTCUDDLES @KillaShinobi Can't people appreciate beauty.

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**** 2DS... vita and 3DS XL ftw!

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Gaming News Ultiiiiimate lol

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call me old, but i'm certain that Sony have used that same pitch for every playstation launch so far "it'll take at least x amount of years to get the best out of it" except this time its not to make excuses that they had another awkward architecture to code for.. oh wait, did he say architecture??....

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@LeMeAtOm did you ever play uncharted 1 and compare it too uncharted 3?

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How about Jesse`s G spot news for a better name? It will definitely get more hits, LOL!!

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@LatinproX lol good one

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@LatinproX LOL Im 26 for god sake, why did this comment make me laugh so hard?

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@LatinproX Jess Gone Wild, wild with gaming news!

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I'm a big fan of the clam shell design, I like the ability to close my handheld. The 2DS does indeed seem much larger than a handheld I would normally want to purchase. That being said, eventually I will be getting something that can play 3DS games. The 2DS is currently the one I would get, since I am not interested in the stereoscopic aspect of the 3DS. Ultimately, I think the concept of the 2DS (having a cheaper, non-3D compatible device capable of playing the 3DS lineup) is a good idea, I'll probably wait to see if they release a different model of it though.

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Again sony is creating same pattern, PS3 took so time before it reach it's true potential

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I may buy it just for the hell of it....its a conversation piece....Hey, I am playing Super MArio on a Cheese Wedge!

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at first i laughed too, but then i remembered my son is trying to save for a 3ds - we (i) have one, which i had to replace the microphone ribbon cable on because it got a microtear from all the hinge opening and shutting. then my son scratched the screen and now he's not allowed it any more :/ so he can't play his 3ds games which he only played in 2d anyway cos 3d hurt his eyes. so there definitely might be a niche for a cheaper thing like the 2ds even if it does look silly.

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It's a Nintendo Brick, so it has ruggedness value, but sadly the hardcore gamers that would have paved the way for its popular adoption already took out a loan for the 3DS XL.

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I thought it was an april fools joke then I realized that its august

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that's the best looking paperweight I've seen in a while ....well that's if you have any paper to weigh down .....and the wind isnt blowing at 2 MPH ....

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I think the Ninten-toast is good for its target audience(8 year olds according to Nintendo) and i firmly believe Sony when they say we're not going to be getting the most out of the PS4 for 3-4 years, you only need to look at games this generation such as Uncharted 1, then compare that to the 2011 title Uncharted 3, or 2013's The Last Of Us. This logic applies to every generation though, in the PS2 era you couldn't compare the original Devil May Cry(2001 i believe) to God Of War 2(2007), its just the nature of the beast. That said, Sony has made the PS4 as easy as the PS1 to make games for, so i expect us to reach peak performance alot quicker this time. AND I CAN'T WAIT! :-)

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Hold off a month after 2DS releases for the 2DS-XL to release. :I

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"MEH" > WiiU > 2DS

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If you ask me the gamecube had a handful of great titles, but even then they were slipping into the general shitiness that nintendo has become... Sad.

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@barkingschnitzl Yeah, that Resident Evil remake is the greatest remake of all time.

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Nintendo as the Undertaker says....Rest In Peace

Although I look forward to playing Super Mario Bros on PlayStation 4

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@bluespire1 You suck. I hope this never happens. Nintendo still needs to be around as a company so we don't just have the same crap from Microsoft and Sony that we always get. Hate all this negativity against Nintendo.

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@jlenoconel Suck it ...Unfortunately Nintendo will still be around some fools like u will be around to pay 300.00 dollars and pay for an antiquated system when for 100.00 more the PlayStation 4 will dazzle with its amazing hardware specs

on 11/115/2013 Next gen begins and if u are smart but ur not jump aboard

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@bluespire1 @jlenoconel I won't be buying a PS4 if it ends up being full of the same crappy first person shooters like the last generation. What's the point when I have a PS3 and 360 for that? If the Wii U starts doing OK, I will be getting one over the other two. If not, I might just stick to PC gaming.

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@jlenoconel Sony, ''the same crap''? Get out from under that rock, out of all three companies Sony provides more fresh IP than Nintendo and Microsoft combined and doubled. Sorry, but this had to be said. I'm no Nintendo hater, i play their games almost daily but what you just said is a load of CRAP!

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@PosiTVEMinD355 @Swinny14 @jlenoconel i so want to see diablo in 1st person... or as a shooter... deep down looks great for a shooter too... and gran turismo needed a twist, of course it'd look great as a shooter!! and fifa! who doesnt like to play fifa in 1st person!!

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@PosiTVEMinD355 @Swinny14 @jlenoconel of course nintendo takes risks, mario not only gets coins but stars too. link has a new bow and donkey Kong has camera angles. those are big risks, back in my time in zelda 2 link didnt have a bow!! and mario only had one kind of star!! outragous right?!?

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@Swinny14 @jlenoconel Fresh IP's??

Have you taken a look at pretty much all the next gen games coming out? Let's be brutally honest here. 98% of those PS4 and X1 games are either FPS or Third Person Shooters.

And they say Nintendo doesn't like to take risks!? Yea ok! What YOU just said was a load of crap

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You know what, Im just going to buy it to just have it sit next to me and wake me up from that hilarious design, Now just shape the Vita like a 4 leaf clover and I'll be even more happy. Or a throwing disc.

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For the past few days I heard jokes about a 2ds from a friend. I didn't pay too much attention to it because I was pre-occupied by other shit. But holy shit its real and I just have to say WHAT THE ****. I spent the few 60 seconds typing this through the intro commercial but WHAT THE **** I MEAN WHAT?!??! It looks like a wedge of cheese D8

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I always like the models that folded shut for sure. It really helps protect the screen. However a year or so down the road they will probably make one that folds. This is how nintendo tends to make money.... unfortunately.

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in 3-4 years we'll have ddr4 and 1-2 generations above of directx and maybe other tech. So GG sony!By the time u reach full potential of ps4 it wont matter!

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@exxces_4 technically we already have ddr5

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@ZombieGuy78 @exxces_4 if you are refering to gddr5 than that's completely different from ddr3/4. Right now ddr4 is in testing and it seems they had succes with implementing it in x86 arhitecture.

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3-4 yrs? no that is pure bull. it wont take more than 2 yrs to see titles that tap its true potential

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@inso-maniac it's pure marketing. people need to see they get better with the years, instead of staying the same.

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What's myspace?

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They cudda made a fucking effort with the art on the Wii U console for that special edition.

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The lack of a clamshell means to protect the screen you're going to have to buy Nintendo's carry pouch which they will probably sell for $30-40, costing you about the same price as a 3DS. They win in the end.

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I'm a Nintendo fan through and through. I've had way more fun out of my 3DS and Wii U then any other console I own (I own them all btw)...that being said...I think the 2DS is utter garbage and I'm shocked they would even CONSIDER doing something so atrocious.

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Okay I can't take it anymore....your TSHIRTS are way too cool.....where do you get those excellent designs....I'm a large......hand them over!! Haha!

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I have an idea. Why don't they cut the WiiU price to US$0! That'll be a hit...

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