GS News - Valve working on new Source engine

Gabe Newell confirms Valve already at work on its next-generation engine; details company's hardware plans and canned projects; rules out Steam exclusives.

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half life 3 confirmed?

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I agree completely about the user generated content... CANNOT play Skyrim without all the genius mods... same for many other games... user content extends a games life 10x!

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I don't care about next gen. My PC is 4 years old and can't handle anything more advanced than Source 1. Just gimme a conclusion to HL! NOW! ;)

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Sounds like they're sticking it to the console crowd once and for all. Genius, GabeN. The combine & crowbars can wait a little longer, I don't mind ;)

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evalve into something better? I say: yes!

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I will be most happy if they use the new source engine for HL3 :D

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HELL YES !!! I love valve \m/ -_- \m/