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This would be a good idea. At least down to 40 would be cool.

Unless they announce some awesome collectors or another Pandemic Edition of course ;) Then I'd have to buy it!

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I have my ps3 copy played it for a couple months 4 or 5 times through to get every single player achievement. I have so many other games I have to play that going back to the Last of Us is not a priority. By the time I will want it it will be half off somewhere.

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I've already played through it three times, but I would not mind playing it again on the PS4. I think i'll wait until its either free with PS+ or maybe for $30.

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Hmm how would this work exactly, i owned the PS3 version but traded my copy in a few months back, how would they be able to tell if you actually own a copy to apply the discount?.

I have no problems paying (almost) full price since i know for a fact some retailers will be selling it cheaper than retail, i havent payed full retail price for a game since ME3 and that was only because it was the collectors edition of the game.

Who honestly pays full price for games these days?, besides lazy people who dont know how to use a search engine.

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@Jasbro Simple, by checking if you still have the disc. Just like they did with last year's hits. You DL the new version while it checks to see if you have the other one in your drive. I did that with BF4, I have the ps3 disc but it requires it to play. Both Blu ray formats, probably why.