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Need more optimization? it looks so 16bit, you must have a pretty crappy pc to not be able to run it lol.

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@ymo1965: You can have the beefiest rig, but if a 2D game isn't optimized well, you will see graphical issues. One recent example of this is Starbound, which had framerate issues before its fix -- that game also had throwback sprite-based graphics. This could be that there are more complicated lighting at play or, simply, it's running on a demanding engine. I know that the indie-favorite Unity engine (even for 2D games) requires much more memory than what one might expect.

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Sega (and Whitehead / Thomley), take the time you guys need to optimize this on the PC properly. Sonic fans have waited forever for this game. A couple of weeks extra won't kill us.

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thats pretty generous