GS News Update: Software Pirates Worried That DRM Will Make Cracking Games Impossible!

Infamous software pirates predict that in two years games will be too difficult to pirate due to advanced DRM security measures.

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Stop video game piracy? Doubtful.

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I don't have a problem with DRM per se, but I do take personal issues if it is used to make up for a product that people don't want to pay for.

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People complain about everything nowdays even pirates YARRRR!!!!!

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If you can make it secure someone else can make it not so secure

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We've been hearing this since Denuvo first showed up. Now some Denuvo games are being cracked within a week =/

Maybe 3DM are just losing their touch =P

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So hard to not love CD Projekt Red.

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hm, well, it's great if it is more difficult to pirate stuff. but that would imply that games should get cheaper....????

no free games, buhuhuhu, poor babies, there are tons of older games (cheap/pirated), it's not that there isn't enough content out there already to keep you busy for probably half a life time.

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@rh3nium: If piracy ever comes to an end, games will get *more expensive* because publishers will know buying it is the only way you can get it.

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@RS13: At the same time they'll be able to afford to not hike the prices up to make up for losses in sales or even drop prices, due to that there'll be less people pirating them and more copies being legitimately sold.

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@arainthus: "Can afford to" =/= "will"

The next time EA gives customers a break just because it can afford to will be... Well you can figure it out

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@RS13: I know, but one can hope....

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Once piracy is pretty much out of the picture, i'm wondering who the game publishers will blame next for thier crummy sales numbers on crappy games.

"Obviously people are letting thier friends borrow the games, and we're losing money! Game borrowing is ruining the industry!"

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Sony said it would take hackers years to crack the ps3 and be able to pirate games.

it took people 3 months.

Everything can be circumnavigated all it takes is time.

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Naw it will never happen. But, it's good that there's awesome sales and people buy games, cuz we don't need to in the end.

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CD Projekt Red is the best in the business.... I agree with whatever their position is. They're solid.

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Awww, that's so sad.

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How is this a bad thing?

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This unsubstantiated rumor brought to you by Denuvo.

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@slappy54: Illuminati confirmed.

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@slappy54: I would not be surprised if Denuvo uses reports like this as justification to raise their prices.

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@saturatedbutter: Oh you again lol.