GS News Update: Nintendo Switch EShop Adds Three New Games This Week

A Metroid-like platformer, Zelda-like adventure, and classic fighting game walk into the Nintendo Switch's eShop.

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Why bother with oceanhorn when we have zelda

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more old games. OH is a 7 dollar iPad game.

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Oceanhorn, is a nice game, a lot of glitches and bugs (I was stuck in many places, lucky, going out of the game and back in, puts you in the start of the area) and bad animations, but is a nice game, it is fun.

Now, the fishing mini game is horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible :( , that is one thing I didn't like at all, is very frustrating, still I got it for 100% achievements.

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Looking forward to Oceanhorn. Would never pay $30 for the first one.