GS News Update: Halo 5 confirmed for 2015 release on Xbox One

Halo 5: Guardians isn't coming out this year, but the Halo "journey" will continue in 2014, while the Halo TV series will begin in fall 2015.

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Halo 4 was smooth. Can't wait to see Halo 5 at E3 this year. Almost there! :)

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me personally don't mind the kinect BUT,some gamers do not want to pay extra $ alot of ppl will be very happy for the price what happens to more efficient kinect game integration?most games avilable are not taking real advantage of the add-on so far.hopefully a nice sales boost regardless.i turned my kinect off way last month....

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HAHA, Seb you crack me up!

Also it is surprising that this came out now, just weeks before E3. If they aren't saving Halo for its main event then I have even higher confidence that Microsoft is going to give Sony a bloody nose to go with its ass rap*ng.

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If they tied this game into the TV show after release..say..

every episode is set in a new setting each week, then at the same time release a map that ties in with that weekly episode...

I await my cheque Microsoft.

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Let go of it Microsoft, it's over already, Bungie has abandoned the IP, why can't you stop milking it? Create something new!

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Why? It has a huge fan base and is still a quality product.

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Bring it to the PC already !

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Looks like we don't need an E3 anymore.

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I hope this comes out like 3 months after the Witcher 3. Will not be able to comprehend 2 amazing games coming out at the same time!

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I'm wondering why in the hell they said this when E3 is next month ... Lost a huge bang there , plase don't say gameplay trailer we know what Halo looks like

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It's out there already - they can lower the hype and spend time on new stuff!

Looking forward to MSs E3 conference.

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Man, I really hope MSFT's E3 showing doesn't disappoint now. With all the things they've announced this month already, it seems like E3 MUST be insanely better -- or the hype will be a letdown (hopefully not)!!

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I dunno if we really needed any confirmation, pretty sure Halo 5 was on the horizon. What's the continuing journey part I wonder?

Part of me hopes Halo 2 (my fave in the series), but the hype of what's coming this year almost sounds like something new.

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I'm kinda scared for the fate of Halo 2 Anniversary right now. Pumped for this game, of course, but we all kinda knew Halo 5 next year at this point anyway. Pease please gimme Halo 2 this year to help with the wait...

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Wow that's really far away, but I'm sure it will be worth the wait.

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ohhhhh hellllzzzzzzz yeaaaaaaaaaa playaaaaaaa

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Oooooo ooo oo oo ooo oo ooooooo. Ooo oo ooooo ooo oo oo ooooooo.