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At last good news for gaming industry, goodbye, ,Au Revoir Peter Molyneux!!!

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@wexorian: First of all: Peter Molyneux has not been in This studio for years already... if you don't even know that it say how much you cared about this studio and how much it was affecting you.

And WTF, man!! are you really feeling cool or happy about people loosing their jobs?? Do you even have a heart??


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@raveneye: I don't know i pretty sure had seen tons of videos where peter talks about fable legends in last 2 year so he was still around till this day i presume, he's behind selling bullfrog his own creation to EA after that studio was closed so HE CAN F HIMSELF. as for workers if they are good at gaming industry they will get a job fast if not , that's how real world works , if you are good at your work you'l find a job, or they could wait for new studio or create one by themselves.

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Instead of closing it to go the way of Ensemble, why not sell it off? I think both Lionhead AND Rare should go to Nintendo. Everyone knows their system could always use more RPG's. Besides, some of Rare's best stuff was on the N64 and Gamecube anyway.

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Good riddance to the label and the franchise. I would like to know more about what would happen to the employees though, or the direction of the studio if it is not going to be closed.

For one, I wouldn't want them to turn out like Rare did.

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Im worried that this could mean the death of the franchise, which wouldn't be fair. Fable deserves another legitimate title in the series (without Molyneux there to screw things up). Hope a new dev gets a shot at breathing new life into this franchise.

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With the game in beta, seems weird to kill it now.

Its a real shame for lionhead.

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If MS didn't make Lionhead spend all their talent on making another Fable, they would have made something better.

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@lewser5: If MS hadn't given them a chance in the first place we wouldn't even be talking about this now.

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wtf I know Fable Legends looked bad and I bet none of the Fable fans wanted it but killing the entire studio and closing down the danish developer that made the max games

the hell!! how many devs are left at microsoft?

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@icelandichossi: I'm not surprised in the least by this. After all, they closed Ensemble Studios just because Halo Wars wasn't as good as it should've been. M$ should be selling these off to someone who would handle them way better, not closing them. Who's next on their chopping block, Turn 10 because the next Forza doesn't sell well due to racing games flooding the market? They might as well just shut down their entire gaming division if they get any worse.

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Not surprised to hear this as the game seems to have been in development for an eternity.

Lionhead just lost their way, like a lot of other UK studios over the years and these guys are just another casualty of the business.

A damned shame.

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@ecurl143: A lot of studios, British or not, go the same way. It's the unfortunate nature of the business.

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That'd be crappy, I don't really care about the loss of an "Xbox" developer, but to see a company with so much promise just lose their focus like Lionhead has... it's sad :(

I think all they really need is some new management/leadership, and to try and make a game someone will actually care about... not a Fable spin-off after years of mediocre Fable sequels! Give them another chance MS!

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Whaaaaaaaaaaat??!?!! Well that was a surprise!

MS barely have any studios anyway. Why would they do that?

If they didn't make Lionhead make Fable all the time maybe they could have made some great games. **** MS for this.