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If the multiplayer plays similar to MW2 minus the noobtubes and one man army. I would buy this game without a doubt. I hate how Black Ops multiplayer feels and same with Ghosts.

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I hope we get to be the 'bad' guy Kevin Spacey style... Seems dark and bad is the new cool in entertainment.

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Kevin Spacey just sold me on the game.

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who cares....just show the multiplayer gameplay. that's all anybody cares about

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This actually looks very appealing. I haven't played a COD since World at War. The rest after didn't really catch my attention. Hopefully this one will turn out to be great.

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Now it's Call of Multinational Military Conglomerate. Not that I liked the patriotism of the other modern warfare games, but this one shouldn't be called Call of Duty.

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Are we ever going to get rail/coil guns vs. laser rifles in a CoD game? Still pushing the sci-fi future concept activision, but not pushing it far enough. Show me more and I may be interested in this one.

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also whats with these shit commercials i have to watch before I watch a video. Its so fucking crap. the same thing over and over again. Whats more the guy is the commercial just talks shit. I have no idea what hes even selling. Get rid of these things. They fcking suck

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sounds like Titanfall

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