GS News Update: 2017's Call Of Duty Is Going "Back To Its Roots"

Sledgehammer Games is behind this year's game.

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''Going back to its roots''.... So does that mean we will get a specifically single player focused game that does not feel like it was cynically tacked on after they figured the Multiplayer out and how much they are going to scum out of people with ''premium dlc''?

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It is all because of Battlefield 1. I am pretty happy that it is going back to its roots ,"WWII" most likely. I think WWII is more interesting than future games and could really be done right with the hardware available to the developers.

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Haven't played it yet, but from reviews and friends who have played it, the issue isn't the setting. The issue is the missions being very linear. There is a lack of choices in accomplishing missions.

Anyways, we'll see that if they keep the same structure how this year's does in a new setting. My guess, it won't do well. Their competitors are making better games.

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Finally im excited about call of duty... only took them plopping out a big future turd and a world record breaking negative response on youtube. Remember how they said future will stay for a long go play older games. Really proud you can admit fault...its pretty nobel.