GS News - Two New Xbox One Consoles Rumored, Titanfall 2 Details Leak!

Prey 2 and Prey 3 web domains have been revived, details about Titanfall 2 leak, and a whole lot of Microsoft announcements may have been revealed!

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it would be badasss if the girl wore bra & underwear.

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I want to see Conker from Microsoft. a swearing drunk who likes boobs conker, no PG13 crap. and that it comes to pc.

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As long as MS keeps releasing their new games only on Windows 10 (via their windows store) they won't get any money from me!

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I guess rumours of a new Xbox One in 2017 make the PS4.5 rumours more and more likely to be true. I know a lot of people feel the PS4.5 stuff is basically already confirmed, but who knows :).