GS News Top 5 - Valve VR, Nvidia Shield, and PlayStation Goofs!

We give you the lowdown on some of the biggest GDC new including Valve and HTC’s VR headset, as well as MGS V’s release date and Sony’s big blunder.

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As I said in other threads, these things weren't announced AT GDC, they were revealed at exclusive press conferences that were not open to the public and were GDC-adjacent. People should know that buying a pass to GDC (which is hella expensive) does not earn you the right to sit in the room when these things are revealed and certainly does not get you a chance to try them out. Only the press got to see these things. The Vive, the shield console, and the latest iteration of Morpheus were all exclusively shown to press and none of them were announced AT the conference.

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So with the MGSV super premium bundle I get Snake's bionic baby arm! Neat!

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@JessMcDonell You keep getting prettier and prettier, never miss your GS News, all the love!

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@lapinchelagalle: Try interacting with real human beings and you'll sound less like a creepy loser. Maybe.

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hey since its my b-day tomorrow, but jess your in the future, you can celebrate today XD

yeah i've already commented on all of those stories i've got nothing else to say about them :)

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@suppaphly42: HAPPY BIRTHDAY

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@suppaphly42: Happy Birthday! :)

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@Strychnine@suppaphly42: no chance of that lol i'm wasted

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@suppaphly42: Happy Burpday! Have a great one! from the future. :P