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I complete all assassins part

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Gamespot is a joke PS4 the biggest and fast selling game console of all-time not even mention. More about titinfall who cares. PS4 3.4 MILLION sold XBoned 720 Out Sold By Wii u.

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Lol at Xbox 180 joke

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#1 Top Story of 2013:

- Gamespot starts a daily news show with an exceptional host. Cheers!

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@jimdove2 @martouf02 Guys. Can't we just share her? :)

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Consoles, consoles, consoles... I wish Jess would game on her pc more so her news insights are better balanced in 2014. I bet a third of the people here don't even own a console.

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Is a primarily a console website

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OMG Jess, where did you get that Bioshock t-shirt?!? Want!

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@tom_cat_01 on the backside it says "Beat the shit out of me"

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2 small things I think you missed the fastest and biggest selling game in history came out in gta v. And I don't know if anyone noticed but there was a next gen console launch and each became the 1st fastest and 2nd fastest selling consoles from launch in history.

But apart from that all good merry christmas and a happy new year one and all. Peace

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Jess, all I want for Christmas is you.

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Don Mattrick looks like the grinch in that title picture. Made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair.

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Jess last time i saw you was a month ago, i been working extra shifts at work to buy my next gen console. I have played on both systems and to be honest, non gave me the hump i was waiting for, im seriously considering going back to the Pc. My xbox 360 is fine for another year or two. If i had a golden ticket to pick up any next gen console i wanted i believe the PS4 has the upper hand so far as a better built machine but the games so far arent anything special. Come on 2014 and steam machine! Merry Christmas to the Gamespot staff around the globe, to the people who comment in here, its always funny reading and a bone to the trolls!

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Jess!

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I'm hating the new gamespot I was posting daily before but now can't watch videos and the general site seems sluggish. Do I have to download something to fix this?

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I still can't figure out how to sort reviews by platform and genre. I like Gamespot because of the reviews, and I liked looking up old PC games normally RPG's now I can't figure out how to search by PC and rpg's, is it possible?

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@Kefka- I'm gonna give up with it, I am a long time user and though I think change is often good this redesign is terrible, totally agree with all the points you guys made. The home site is a convoluted mess now, it's like navigating through a maze to find anything and when you do it disappointingly often doesn't work. This was my go to site for as long as I can remember but now I'm changing sites.

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@Kefka- Yeah it's somewhat inane asking people for an opinion and the totally ignoring it. Nice shout out on that MMA site by the way.

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Its annoying how often its seems sites do redesigns and then ask what people think but often just seem to say in respones your will get use to it. I recall one site where after the change they actually admitted the new design was here to stay when asking for feedback. In other words the feedback did not matter even if everyone one said it sucked gave good reasons for it, it would not matter. The new way was the way it was going to be.

There is another site I go to for MMA news called Bloody Elbow and they did a redesign and of course people bitched, and I pointed out a certain loss of functionality. At first I got the respones I expected from some staff, "oh you can still do that but you have to do it this way now,"etc. Then the person that actually runs the sites said he would look into it and actually fixed the issue and restored the original functionality of the feature that I had often used(and still do) and fixed many other user complaints until the site was actually much improved. It was a great example of actually listening to user feedback and admitting when some things where just worse with the new design and fixing them, not just saying you will get use to it or well now you can do it this other round about way.

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@raduz123 everytime they updated the site before I hated it, too. but after some time I got used to it and liked it. but this one is different it is terrible....terrible. my list of games owned is all crazy with the Japanese versions of some games on the list. I still haven't quite figured out how to even add games to the list, it takes FOREVER! my posting has dropped exponentially, also. the site is slow, sluggish and altogether not very user friendly. ive been visiting this about 15 years and have been a member for 10, but this is the first re-design that has actually kept me from wanting to come back. even logging in is a chore.

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@rtehrani @raduz123 i agree - i really dont enjoy the redesign - its incredibly slow.

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@rtehrani @raduz123 Just terrible design. Videos stream slower, chat sometimes won't log you in, front page design couldn't decide what it wants to be... pretty much an overall fail.

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Last one? Well, then Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Jess! Always great info on games. Looking for more next year to come.

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I bet the delay of Watchdogs was the sixth top story of the year.

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You know why they call it the Xbox 720? When you see it, you do a 720 and walk away!

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@TheEternalGamer More like, you do a 720, find youself staring at it again and look weird to people because you're just spinning in place in the middle of the store

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@TheEternalGamer a 720 is two full revolutions. FAIL.

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Titanfall will become multi platform one day, The same thing happened to mass effect when the later parts were released on ps3 they released first one one eventually on ps3

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@maniacalpoet @itsHumanity It's true. When he is supporting PS4 his numbers are completely accurate. When he supports the X1 they are a little off.

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@maniacalpoet @itsHumanity I'm someone with common sense and I'm saying wait and see before passing premature judgement.

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@maniacalpoet We're two months into "this" generation.

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lol the last one

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you missed Don Mattrick resigning and becoming ceo of Zynga.
or was he fired?? =p

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Gamespot news is good.

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I'd put Microsoft's Xbox 180 as the top story for the year. Although I think the bigger story is that they actually made those terrible decisions in the first place. Every business needs to make money, but they should also have leaders passionate about the product and not just stuffed suits that are blinded by dollar signs in their eyes. (No, I don't own a PS4.)

2DS... I don't care. I never got into handheld gaming. Not a top 5 story to me, but may be important to others.

I agree that the SimCity story is a top story -- not solely because of always on DRM, but because they did it to a game like SimCity. Online play would have been a nice bonus, not a necessity. A terrible launch only threw more fuel on the fire.

Steam Machines -- an interesting story, but there's obviously a lot more information to come in 2014. The controller design is probably the most interesting aspect to me; I'm wondering if they have a "standard" controller as a backup if it isn't received well in Beta.

I don't see the Titanfall story of not being on the PS4 a top five story, but then I can't think of another news story for the year to take its place... Maybe the continued success of Star Citizen to reach $30M? It has a lot riding on it as it is one of the major faces of this Kickstarter Era. Though I suppose 2014 will be the year we see if Kickstarter is effective or just hype, since a lot of the big KS names will be released.

tl;dr: Xbox 180 is the top story of the year, plus I ramble on about the other top 5 stories.

Happy holidays!

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OMG If I see that fucking Xbox One Forza advert one more time I will have to hurt someone.

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@Dannystaples14 Lucky you. I keep seeing the Grand Tourismo 6 advertisement.

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Happy Holidays guys. See you all in the new year!

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@Sidburn19 Happy Holidays friend!

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Titanfall looks pretty crappy tbh

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Happy Holidays...

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Have a great & Merry Christmas & Happy New Year team GSAU - Ed, Jess & Zorine..& the rest of the other people behind the scenes. :)

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Since it was fraud he bought an XboxOne and got sent a picture, he did not buy a picture to be correct.

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It was you wasn't it?

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Thanks Jess. enjoyed watching the news this year. Merry Christmas!

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I never figured out that 2DS thing.

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What about the release of the new consoles, that's the biggest gaming event of this year I'd say, and the biggest news is that they would be released this year.

Aside from that, for me.... Watchdogs, as the game I was looking forward to the most (later delayed, which is fine since i won't be able to get a PS4 for another while anyway), the Fallout 2299 hoax which made for some fun time at reddit and elsewhere, and GTA 5 was probably the biggest gaming hype, althought ultimately I didn't like the game as much as I hoped i would, hm and I played a lot of Skyrim this year but i guess that a 2013-year thing mostly for just me, lol.

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Well, SimCity did provide a more realistic city building experience by trapping the only people willing to enact actual change in a room and taking away their power.

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