GS News Top 5 - Microsoft claims PS4 and Xbox One differences are marginal; SimCity offline mode coming!

Microsoft says the PS4 and Xbox One are pretty similar specs-wise, Battlefield 4 and SimCity finally deliver on patches and offline modes respectively, more Last of Us DLC details are shared and do sales “screw” fans?

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Both consoles have their good points, but personally I think Microsoft and Sony need to stop telling us how great their systems are going to be and start showing us. We're a couple months away from the the first wave of new exclusive titles. Until they launch, any talk from these companies is just posturing and sales pitches.

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Xboxone beter: design, joystick,online(xboxlive),dashboard, console name, more people to play multiaplayer games,very good exclusives, bether & cooler people behind!

Ps4 secondary console (like Ps3 was) only for exclusive titles!

And devs oriented games first on lower spec. hardware, remeber the 360 lower & Ps3 with tera, mega, gadza flops points?

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Man, Jess reeeeealy looks like Aurora Snow. Right?

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Jess... I've register with gamespot in 2009... in this 5 years, I think i've posted one or two comments... I'm the silent type... but there is one thing that urges me to come out of this silence.... it's your hair... I love your posture as well as you insight... but PLEASE COMB YOUR HAIR... go to a hairdresser... you are a beautiful girl... but your hair... jesus... don't get me wrong... you are great and as I've said beautiful... but you hair needs serious work... kisses (in your mouth, if I could)

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@plamas maby you should stay the silent type?

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@plamas No. Jess has thick, natural waves and that in itself is beautiful. Unless she has split ends everywhere, there's no reason to comb her hair any more than she already has.

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@plamas I like Jessica's hair.

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Sony fanboys will say it is not marginal... probably followed by a bunch of "XBone sucks" comments.

In reality, they are pretty similar... kind of like all the devs say.

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@StormyJoe Err, 'most devs' have gone on record singing the PS4s praise.** What you'll not hear devs go on record about is how 1) Xb1 is a less powerful console. The rumored specs are out there. 2) a significant percentage of the xb1s power has been reserved for the kinect. I don't know about every one else, but that is not the console I'm looking for in next gen.

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First and foremost, let's be honest here and note that these "next gen" consoles are really more like gen 1.5. If they were next gen they'd be on par with a mid to high end PC like the last gen PS3 and XBOX 360 were. Since that is not cost effective, and they decided to make a PC with low specs the next gen consoles, which yes one has DDR3 and the other DDR5, but they are still both low end PCs with nearly the same hardware. It is going to come down to the games. I have seen games on both consoles, so far I would give Ryse Son of Rome the best graphics between the two consoles, though I know the PS4 will have very good graphics when they release one of their AAA games.

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Okay I just came here to comment on the title, but I doubt it is marginal when Microsoft, stupidly decided to fit the Xbox One with "oh-so-not-next-gen" GDDR3 memory. The entire pool of memory for both system and graphics on the PS4 is GDDR5 and that bandwidth, is important.

I own neither console, an some might argue that GDDR5 has been around for ages, but since Sony decided to stuff 8GB of GGDR5 in there which is also used as System memory, you don't see that often, so it is pretty-next gen.

As for GDDR3... I think Microsoft were aiming for "Laptops-built-4-years-ago-gen" and yet people still bought a mandatory camera that accompanies a glorified PVR with an elevated price-tag.

I don't understand Humans.

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but i dont want you to be gentle...

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@Sevenizz stop with your hidden trolling, xbot sucks

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I'm more of a retail purchase person and rarely buy during STEAM sales. But you did bring up the point on how quick STEAM will have a sale on a certain game.

During the Christmas sales (2013) Walking Dead season 2 was launched. Being a fan, I purchased it right away at $25. A few days before new years it was on sale for $20. Small discount but never the less I felt jipped and should have waited since I didn't even begin playing the game right away but because it was new, I didn't expect it to be on sale so soon.

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Similar specs....why is the xbox cost 100 more? Not to mention monthly fee to play online. Money grubbing scum Microsoft.

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@ndmq ps4 has pay to play online too; ps4 basically loses a lot of what made the ps3 so freaking awesome.

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I admit I've become a Steam Sale junkie. Like Pavlov's dog, I start to salivate in April and October at the coming discounts. At this point I'd never even think about paying $60 for a game I can get for $7 a year later. That would be kinda stupid. Apparently millions of Steam members agree.

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Please please please tell me you work these systems!!!!!!!! PC, ps4, xbox1, wiiu, ps vita and so on. Because if you don't, I don't understand why your own here. I mean these sites COULD be for people who can't decide on what to buy. But there are better sites for that. Everybody's comparing apples to oranges. It's like saying a truck is better then a car. There made for totally different things. Everything is made by a vision, for the people who want it OR for a quick buck!!!!! That is for everybody to decide. It's all about facts and what you like, that is it. So ether your caught up in what you buy or your working for these systems trying to sell. If your caught up please stop and have fun with what you buy. Stop presauding people into stuff. If your working for these companies make that money, but that field is not for me.

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Or buy the PS4... and actually be notified when your battery is getting low on your controller... Instead of MS advanced machine: Controller just flat dies... no notifications at all... it's pretty handy when your playing online, since you can pause it right???

Cmon MS... lame

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The power gap between this generation isn't as great as the original Xbox vs the PS2 - and look how the PS2 did...

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@Sevenizz problem with that in that generation ps2 had more exclusives. if you noticed alot of devs are doing away with exclusived games

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The original Xbox kept me busy enough to not worry about Sony exclusives. Every once in a while I'd pick up a PS2 game - but the quality just wasn't there and I'd go back to the Xbox. Same thing happened with the PS3. This time I'm not even gonna bother getting a PS4 - for me, it just isn't worth it.

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@Sevenizz hidden xbot troll

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Differences are marginal? In that case I'll buy the cheaper PS4. Thanks Microsoft!!

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@Metallicwolf29 Dreamcast FTW

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@Metallicwolf29 We lost another one

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@Metallicwolf29 if your living in retro land true.

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@LinuxXx @Metallicwolf29 like thousands of COD clones?In last generation gaming library of PS3/Xbix360 is almost full of FPS

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@Metallicwolf29 I won't say its totally bad but previous generation games are not really that good that it could still take over today's games. Yes previous generation games are good but nowadays games are way improved man!

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@Sevenizz Yeah, the PS2 was a HUGE disaster. No one wanted it because it lacked the power of the mighty original Xbox and GameCube. I mean the PS2 only sold what... 160 million+ units? (the most successful console of all time) What a fail console.

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@Metallicwolf29 stop living in the past, it's good to play old good games but newer games will always have the technology advantage.

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The PS2 was an underpowered borefest compared to the original Xbox and even the GameCube. If you tell me you regularly revisit it's library, you lie.

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@Metallicwolf29 False.

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@kennythomas26 @Metallicwolf29 No. It came out for the PS2 in 2005.

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@Metallicwolf29 Wasn't Resident Evil 4 a exclusive title for the Gamecube until about a year or so ago.

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@Metallicwolf29 you comparing small amount of games, what about all the new IP's came out on the PS3/Xbox 360? PS2 was great back in the day but now we have much more games being made.

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Madness? No, but this is Sparta...

7 years too old?

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@amdreallyfast 7? 5 its the end

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Yeah... not having to pay a $100 more for a mandatory Kinect feature is marginal Microsoft... and Vista was the best OS to date.

As for the BF4 bit, I ditched the game a few weeks back. Haven't missed it.

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Well Microsoft says that it has better games but, Naughty Dog and Santa Monica Studios haven't even touched the ps4 yet, so don't get to comfy Microsoft. And Sony actually stays committed to it's franchises. Uncharted 1 was only metacritically around an 8.5. Knowing Microsoft that's the type of franchise they would have thrown away but you see what happens when you stay committed. Uncharted 2 and even 3 were some of the best games of the last generation.

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Well, at least she is better than the girlie men...

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